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Pastor Given A Vision to Sell Multi-Level Marketing

Bill Nissen is the pastor of Harvest Life Christian Fellowship in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The church website gives a valuable disclaimer, “If you are looking for a traditional Church experience where you attend, listen to a [sic] some songs and a sermon….then this is not for you.”

Good to know.

Bill has received a vision from his “heavenly dad.” The vision includes Bill selling multi-level marketing. He was able to “give his salary back” to what seems to be his very small church (we call that “bi-vocational”) so he could be more like Paul. The vision includes selling a pyramid scheme to his friends and neighbors…because “Visalis is prosperity.”

Visalis is a health food and energy drink multi-level marketing company that Bill has described as a “global mission leading people in transformation while feeding kids in need.” Bill’s sales pitch is that he gives some of his commission to churchy opportunities…so it’s a ministry. Get it?