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Should a Complementarian Speak with Lady Preachers?

Todd Pruitt, at the 1517 blog (which is affiliated with the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals), begins a post on the topic of Piper speaking with Christine Caine at Passion ’16 with the following…

Is it consistent with the complementarianism of CBMW, TGC, and Danvers to share preaching duties with a woman preacher? Was it wise for John Piper to offer his de facto endorsement of Christine Caine? Will anyone whose voice actually has a chance to make a difference speak up? 

Pruitt goes on to write…

That is why I was so disappointed to see that at Passion 2016 John Piper shared the preaching duties once again with a woman preacher. This time it was Christine Caine (in the past it has been Beth Moore). Incidentally Caine preaches many of the troubling errors of Word/Faith and Prosperity theology. She also claims Joyce Meyer as a mentor and promotes her ministry.

As I have written at other times, this sort of partnership by a man of great influence like John Piper with someone whose doctrine is quite troubling places local pastors in a difficult position as we seek to guard our churches from false and divisive doctrines.

You can see the rest of Pruitt’s words here. They’re quite worth the read.


[Editor’s Note: These excerpts from Now I’m Really Confused About Complementarianism were used via fair use. HT The Aquila Report]