Mother Teresa to be Officially Worshiped by Roman Catholics

They served their idols, which became a snare to them. – Psalm 106:36

The Vatican has announced that the papist, known around the world as Mother Teresa, will be canonized as a saint in the Roman Catholic church. Mother Teresa, who is known for her charitable works around the world, yet to this day is burning in Hell because she rejected true Gospel of Jesus Christ, has been highly revered in Roman Catholic circles, as well as evangelicals.

To be canonized as a saint in the Roman Catholic church, one must have at least two “miracles” attributed to them. Vox reports on the so-called miracles that the woman, now burning in Hell, is receiving credit for.

The Vatican must recognize two miracles in order to canonize a saint, and Mother Teresa was put on a fast track toward sainthood after her death in 1997. Pope John Paul II recognized the first miracle, required for beatification, in 2003; Pope Francis has now recognized a second.

The miracle, according to the church, is that a Brazilian man whose family prayed to Mother Teresa was miraculously cured of brain tumors in 2008, while he was in a coma and about to enter surgery. The first miracle attributed to Mother Teresa also dealt with the disappearance of a tumor, this one of a woman in India.

Mother Teresa will probably be canonized in September as part of the pope’s Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Let’s be clear. When the Roman Catholic church canonizes a saint, they worship that person. It’s not unusual for them to keep pieces of the dead person’s body, or blood, and use these “relics” as objects of worship. In fact, it is a requirement that every Roman Catholic altar have one of these bodily remains embedded in the altars of their temples. They may use the word “venerate” instead of “worship,” but their acts certainly worshipful, idolatrous, and blasphemous.

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