Godliness and Heterosexuality

I recently wrote an article at Pulpit & Pen that addressed the issue of the evangelical push for celibacy as the best and only option for Christians struggling with same-sex attraction (SSA). Upon publishing the article, I received quite a bit of backlash and hate mail. However, I stand upon the position that the Gospel of Jesus Christ transforms has the power to transform our hearts, as well as change the desires of our flesh through sanctification.

The misunderstanding of my article appears to be the straw-man argument that I somehow believe celibacy for homosexuals to be sinfulĀ or that unless SSA Christians pursue marriage, they are sinning. That’s not the argument I’m making. I’m simply saying that, in opposition to what people likeĀ Russell Moore (source link), Denny Burk (source link), The Gospel Coalition (source link) and other evangelical leaders are pushing as the easy answer is that writing off the possibility of a healthy, monogamous, heterosexual marriage simply because of your sinful, sexual desires, is unbiblical. These “leaders” would deny that the Gospel has the power to change our desires. I would argue that our desires, as a born-again believer, should be for Christ, and what God has prescribed as Good, Holy, and righteous–and for most, that could be a marriage.

Below are links to my article, as well as a follow-up article written by Jordan Hall to further expound on this issue in which we fully agree. I have also linked to an article by Joe Bayly that also speaks clearly and biblically on the subject. All are worth a read.

Heterosexuality is Godliness, Jeff Maples, Pulpit & Pen

Why Gay-Celibacy is Not the Gospel-Centered Answer, JD Hall, Pulpit & Pen

Gospel Coalition Joins the Gay-Celibate Movement, Joe Bayly, BaylyBlog

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3 Responses

  1. Darrel says:

    Thank you for a good article. Scriptures pertaining to this topic are probably endless, so only a few for now. Rom. 6:14 says “For sin shall not have dominion over you…” For all of Russell Moore’s “education” and “church status” this man is totally ignorant of the Scriptures, the nature of regeneration, and the character of the God he claims (erroneously) to serve. There most definitely IS an instantaneous overcoming of sins when a person is regenerated by the Holy Spirit. 1 Cor. 6:9 & 10 gives a short (but not all-inclusive) list of such sins that newly born again children of God are immediately delivered from which includes ALL sexual sins, idolatry (staying in the ‘catholic church’) and others which if one continues in them they “WILL NOT INHERIT THE KNIGDOM OF GOD”. [Another ‘list’ is found in Gal.5:19-21]. If these (any or all) sins still have control of one’s mind and body then there is no Biblical salvation in that person and God is made out to be not only inept, but a lair as well. The real issue with those who want to continue in their sin(s) of choice is that they are looking for absolution, an excuse to continue to practice their favorite form of rebellion against God which He calls witchcraft (1 Sam. 15:23) and still claim that He loves them IN THEIR SINS.
    Those who insist that they are “Christian” while practicing their vile exploits in private and demanding to be accepted in public are frauds. They are not Christian, they have NEVER been born again, they have never repented of their sins. Repentance is a gift from God. It has certain telltale fruits that are unmistakable, with eternally lasting effects. See 2 Cor. 7:10 & 11 for a short overview of what real repentance does to a person’s heart. To summarize, repentance makes one’s former sins to be REPUGNANT to the new believer. If a person claims to be “Christian” and clings to his former sins he is kidding himself, he knows not God and more importantly, God does not know him.
    Finally, this is perhaps the greatest insult anyone can hurl at the Lord Jesus. The bottom line of it all is saying that His sacrifice and resurrection were insufficient to save a man from his sins. If He is unable to deliver a man from his sins on earth, what promise is there that eternity will be sin-free? And yet the likes of R. Moore call being delivered from one’s present sins “utopia” when the fact is that Moore’s “utopia” consists of continuing in one’s favorite sins and claiming eternal salvation as well—-and people really believe this nonsense!!!!
    PS. No, I am not advocating any form of sinless perfection (Heb. 12:1 & 2; 1 John 1:6-10).

  2. SeekandYeShallFind says:

    to Darrel…very well said. Thank you and to Jeff M. also!

  3. Teresa Rincon says:

    Assuming a person’s sexual desires change, how easily could he find a wife? Most Christian women would be very reluctant to get involved with a man who came out of homosexuality, especially considering the risk of HIV.

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