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Focus on the Family Gives Tips on How to Get “Safe” Abortion

Focus on Family, the media organization founded by James Dobson, has produced a booklet entitled The Abortion Pill. Although the date on that pamphlet is from 2014, social media has been abuzz with revelations from that pamphlet, which heretofore have gone unnoticed (or so it seems) by most. In no uncertain terms, the Focus on the Family literature gives advice on how to use the abortion pill safely.

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In fact, the propaganda includes a list of questions to ask the doctor to assist in the process of a medicine-induced abortion.

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Focus on the Family does provide a doctor’s statement affirming a human life within the woman…

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Although we’re thankful that statement was provided, that “an incredibly special and completely unique person is growing inside every pregnant woman,” we’re not happy that the statement from the doctor encourage women to

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Consider all your “options.” Mmmhmm….

The pamphlet is mixed in its messaging. Bringing up the rare likelihood of an ectopic pregnancy to subtly encourage women to get an ultrasound because the abortion pill cannot end an ectopic pregnancy (clever strategy), and providing a line about unique life, is certainly hopeful. Unfortunately, that does not undo this graphic:

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Providing advice on how to safely and healthily receive an abortion, should that be the “option” the woman chooses, is deplorable for a Christian publication.

Abortion is murder. It should not be coddled. And while touting the fears of an ectopic pregnancy to get the woman to receive an ultrasound (we presume in the hope she changes her mind) is creative, it stops short of speaking plainly on the topic of murder and infanticide. A single line-item regarding a life being in the womb is not sufficient when bullet-points are given to obtain an abortion safely.

You can do better, Focus on the Family. Seriously.