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Ed Stetzer's Church Baptizes Unrepentant Roman Catholics

When we took issue with John Piper insinuating, in the opinion of some, that the Pope was a brother in Christ in a congratulatory tweet to him, Ed Stetzer rushed in to say that it was just “the same 15 angry Calvinists who are angry over everything” and #the15 was born.
It would make sense that Stetzer have angst in his heart toward those so insistent that the Pope not be considered a Christian, now that it is known Stetzer’s church is baptizing unrepentant Roman Catholics into their church body.
Stetzer made the comments on Dobson’s Family Talk Radio (source link) regarding the Southern Baptist  church over which he is the pastor.
Is it okay with you that this Southern Baptist church is baptizing those who still call themselves Roman Catholic? Is it okay with you that this church’s pastor, who says they’ve baptized an uncoverted Catholic rather nonchalantly, is helping to lead a massive Southern Baptist entity and lectures the rest of us on life within the church?
Is the Protestant Reformation dead? If Ed Stetzer has anything to do with it, probably so.