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SBC Speaker Affirms Prophetess Cindy Jacob’s “Prophetic Ministry”

If you don’t know who Cindy Jacobs is, you don’t listen to Fighting for the Faith. Weekly, sometimes daily, Chris Rosebrough plays clip after clip of the bizarre, outlandish prophesies of this woman, each one more astoundingly insane and (provenly) wrong than the next. For anyone in orthodox Christianity, Cindy Jacobs – like William Tapley and others – is what we call in discernment circles, “low-hanging fruit.” It’s just too evident among anybody but the craziest of crazy continuationists that Jacobs is a false prophetess, and in fact, a laughable one. Laughing, of course, helps cover up the depression from realization that thousands follow this woman. Here’s a good synopsis of this woman’s false prophet status from Rosebrough…

Cindy Jacobs is the head prophetess for the New Apostolic Reformation, which is the go-to place for all kinds of chicanery and religious hooliganism. The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) asserts the continuation of the office of Apostle, and designates their “Apostles” over specific geographic areas. They are 7-Mountain Dominonists, seeking control over every aspect of world culture (charismatic dominionism is the product of a very intentional wedding between Pentecostals and post-millennial Christian Reconstructionists, stemming from a 1987 meeting led by Joseph Morecraft and brain trusts of the theonomy movement – theonomists have since distanced themselves from their Frankenstein charismatic love child). NAR teaches the necessity of endless signs and miracles and repeated prophecies (the latter, of course -given their nearly zero percent accuracy rate – is the fodder for countless discernment blogs). And to reiterate, Cindy Jacobs is the reigning prophetic queen of the New Apostolic Reformation.

If there’s any doubt as the sheer absurdity of Cindy Jacob’s faux credentials as an apostle-prophet, you can watch these prophecies concerning the “Leviathan Spirit” (apparently that’s a thing), her prophecy of a coming civil war in America between the “sheep states and goat states,” her recollection of being healed from a Native American cannibalism curse (apparently that’s also a thing), or how to bind demonic territorial spirits (also a thing, presumedly), and telling the story of how an angel once gave her an international calling card.

Enter, Samuel Rodriguez. Rodriguez was a keynote speaker at Russell Moore’s 2015 ERLC national conference last August. Rodriguez spoke on a panel for the 2014 SBC annual convention, with Russell Moore, David Platt and others (he was there by Moore’s invitation). Rodriguez co-wrote an article with Russell Moore in the Wall Street Journal on how evangelicals can win the Hispanic vote by lightening up on illegal immigration (which they so predictably call “immigrant bashing”). You might notice that Russell Moore is a recurring theme when it comes to Rodriguez’ platform among Southern Baptists. Researching this post, I saw that our own Jeff Maple’s covered Moore’s connection with Rodriguez and the New Apostolic Reformation back in June, in a post entitled, “Russell Moore Partnering with the New Apostolic Reformation to Advance the Social Gospel.” In fact, a quick click on that link, and Jeff will tell you everything you need to know about Samuel Rodriguez and his theology which can only be described as troublesome, if not heretical.

Well, here’s a video of Samuel Rodriguez affirming the prophetic ministry of arch-Apostle, Cindy Jacobs, from just last week.


Keep in mind – this man has received the platform numerous times at national Southern Baptist convention meetings. If his promotion by Russell Moore keeps up, it looks like he’ll continue to.

Why? That’s the question I would ask. Why promote this man? Is it because Southern Baptists lower to bar for ethnic minority in gratuitous displays of soft bigotry? Is it because Russell Moore is willing to capitulate on the Gospel and doctrinal fidelity in order to bring social gospel change? Is it because we just don’t care any more?

Regardless, the Downgrade of the SBC continues…