The Pen

So You Think You Can Preach?

Farce or F’real? Either way, here’s five minutes you’ll never get back:

Many Christians have dreams of becoming the next T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Eddie Long, Joel Osteen, or Joyce Meyer. – Bishop Brian Cashma, the pastor at Holiness Church of Jesus Christ in the Apostles Doctrine in Detroit.

Okay, Bishop, for me as an editor, there are two words in that sentence screaming for the red pen. But then I’d get a whole lot of Matthew 7:1 emails, so let me instead share an exciting opportunity if you are one of those Christians: An alleged new reality TV show called, “So You Think You Can Preach.

I know, I am just as skeptical as you are. So I put the alleged in there because this just can’t be real. (Hey, Charisma News reported it, so it must be legit.)  But the stakes are high, and the reward (a “lifetime opportunity” to preach at two or more megachurches, AND $25,000! AND a new car!), fits right in with where our post-modern megachurches have been going for years.

Here you go:


Bereans, please tell me it’s a bad joke.

[By Berean Research]