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God Has Enough Rocks – Are you Still Praying for America?

“Now when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and behold, terror and great darkness fell upon him. God said to Abram, ‘Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, where they will be enslaved and oppressed four hundred years. But I will also judge the nation whom they will serve, and afterward they will come out with many possessions. As for you, you shall go to your fathers in peace; you will be buried at a good old age. Then in the fourth generation they will return here, for the iniquity of the Amorite is not yet complete.’” Genesis 15:12-16

Remember in Forest Gump when Jenny Curran came across the house of her youth, where she was terribly abused by her father?  She furiously threw rocks at the dilapidated structure before falling down in a tearful heap.  Her companion Forest remarked, “Sometimes I guess there just aren’t enough rocks.”

After Jenny died, Forest had her house demolished. Speaking over his departed wife’s grave, Forest remarked that his mother told him that “dying was a part of life.”

It is.  In the United States dying through abortion has ended the short lives of millions of American babies, legally, before their birth.  Make no mistake.  Be not confused.  These children were alive, and then they were dead.  Death is part of the aborted child’s life almost as soon as she has the chance to live.  American Christians live in a nation that allows millions of abortion deaths to occur.  Yet, not only are they allowed to occur, the Supreme Court of the land had declared that obtaining an abortion is a right with which the government cannot interfere.  Now, much to the shock of many, it’s been discovered that one of the nation’s most prominent abortion providers has been selling the human organs of aborted babies.  This has been revealed through video evidence.  This video evidence has been suppressed by court order.  That provider, Planned Parenthood, has for years received financial support from the federal government.  Those who support funding this organization, including the party that controls the Executive Branch of American government, claim that this support is an advocacy of social justice.  Killing the helpless and selling their parts is social justice in America.

Have Americans killed more innocent children than the Canaanites of Old Testament times whose iniquity was eventually deemed complete by God?  The population math is simple, they have.  American is a wicked place.  To make matters worse, it’s a wicked representative of democracy.  The people of the United States rule themselves.  The people of the United States have ruled themselves into iniquity.  With regards to national morality, the country has passed the tipping point.

Are you praying for America to turn the corner back to morality?  If so, why?  The United States is Jenny Curran’s dilapidated house, where abuse has been unchecked for years.  Perhaps rocks and bulldozers in the form of God’s judgment are more likely than a great awakening.  I suggest praying for the souls of lost people rather than praying for societal renewal in a lost land.  A growing Christian population will serve as salt and light wherever its root is planted.

Remember, Christians, your citizenship is a heavenly one and it is for that country that you are to make appeals.  I encourage you to direct your intercession towards the saints. We should not weep in a powerless, sick heap like a victimized Jenny Curran.  In Christ, we are more than conquerors.  We are a chosen people, a royal priesthood.

Let’s act like it.


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[Editor’s Note: This post first appeared at A Christian Worldview, by Seth Dunn]

Seth Dunn

Masters of Divinity in Christian Apologetics, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Member of the Evangelical Theological Society Certified Public Accountant