Sundays are for Sabbath Rest

[Editor’s Note: What would you be thinking about on your death bed? John Bunyan was thinking about the Lord’s Day. These are his thoughts…]

Have a special care to sanctify the Lord’s day; for as thou keepest it, so it will be with thee all the week long. Make the Lord’s day the market for thy soul; let the whole day be spent in prayer, repetitions, or meditations; lay aside the affairs of the other part of the week; let thy sermon thou hast heard be converted into prayer: Shall God allow thee six days, and wilt not thou afford him one?

 In the church, be careful to serve God; for thou art in his eyes, and not in man’s. Thou mayest hear sermons often, and do well in practicing what thou hearest; but thou must not expect to be told thee in a pulpit all that thou oughtest to do, but be studious in searching the Scriptures, and reading good books; what thou hearest may be forgotten, but what thou readest may better be retained. Forsake not the public worship of God, lest God forsake thee, not only in public, but in private.

 In the week days, when thou risest in the morning, consider,

Thou must die.

Thou mayest die that minute.

What will become of thy soul. Pray often.

 At night consider,

What sins thou hast committed.

How often thou hast prayed.

What hath thy mind been bent upon.

What hath been thy dealing.

What thy conversation.

If thou callest to mind the errors of the day, sleep not without a confession to God, and a hope of pardon.

Thus every morning and evening make up thy accounts with Almighty God, and thy reckoning will be the less at last.

Beloved, please enjoy His Day.


[Contributed by JD Hall]


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