The Pen

Sundays Are For Sabbath Rest

I hope this short devotional from Robert Murray McCheyne will bless you on this Lord’s Day, and inspire you to hold the Day closely to your heart.

Here’s the transcript of McCheyne’s entire sermon.

Here are some questions posed by McCheyne at the end of his sermon that I’ll pose to you…

(1) Can you name one godly minister, of any denomination in all Scotland [or wherever], who does not hold the duty of the entire sanctification of the Lord’s day?

(2) Did you ever meet with a lively believer in any country under heaven – one who loved Christ, and lived a holy life – who did not delight in keeping holy to God the entire Lord’s day?

(3) Is it wise to take the interpretation of God’s will concerning the Lord’s day from “men of the world,” from infidels, scoffers, men of unholy lives, men who are sand-blind in all divine things, men who are the enemies of all righteousness, who quote Scripture freely, as Satan did, to deceive and betray?

(4) If, in opposition to the uniform testimony of God’s wisest and holiest servants-against the plain warnings of God’s word, against the very words of your catechism, learned beside your mother’s knee, and against the voice of your outraged conscience-you join the ranks of the Sabbath-breakers, will not this be a sin against light, will it not lie heavy on your soul upon your death-bed, will it not meet you in the judgment-day?

Praying that these words of truth and soberness may be owned of God, and carried home to your hearts with divine power-I remain, dear fellow-countrymen, your soul’s well-wisher, etc.

Beloved, please celebrate and enjoy His Day.