Rick Warren: People might not go to Heaven if you don’t tithe.

On May 17, 2015, Pastor of Saddleback Church took the opportunity during Sunday Morning worship service to make a plea for more money. He twists several Scriptures in order to guilt members of his church into believing that if they aren’t giving 10 percent of their income on a weekly basis, they will not receive the blessings of God. He then ends his message by having his members sign an oath, “pledging” to give 10 percent of their income from this point forward, and that it “saddens him” to “know that some members would be missing out on God’s blessings,” and that “people might not go to heaven” because they didn’t give their money to his church.

Please see the video below:

You can see the original video in its entirety by clicking here.

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50 Responses

  1. And the sheep just pulled out those checkbooks. http://t.co/arUzA59Y1d

  2. omega2 says:


  3. My highest commendation to Jeff Maples for his expose on Rick Warren’s tithing principality, which I discovered reposted by my friend Marsha West! Having written two books on Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven and Global Peace Plan false teachings, published by Southwest Radio, I completely agree with Jeff. Thank you for warning and equipping the church. I exposed Warren’s compulsory covenants in Chapter 2 of my first book Who’s Driving the Purpose Driven Church.

    Dr. Russell Kelly, who did his Phd exposing the tithing principality, wrote a great article on Rick Warren at:


    You can also view his two hour film documentary demolishing the tithing principality and that it is not a Christian doctrine at:

    He also exposed Tony Evans in article on his site, who thinks Christians are under a curse who did not tithe.

    Well done thy good and faithful servant Jeff!


    James Sundquist

  4. Kathleen J Burke says:

    IF you had been to ALL previous 7 services leading up to this then you wouldn’t be writing ignorant, inflammatory remarks; I’ve been an active member of Saddleback for 23 years and NEVER would believe the lies you have spoken; neither should your educated readers

    • Jeff Maples says:

      Respectfully, Kathleen, what did I lie about? All I did was post the facts, and repeat what he said.

      • Kathleen J Burke says:

        As mentioned to another rant, “Because you are taking his sermon out of context just like a Bible verse; when reading the verse before and after will make more sense; IF you had heard his sermons before and after then you would understand….. did you know that after our last fund raiser we are now feeding 5,000 families who are NOT members of our church each month? also free medical and legal aid to families in our Peace Center? ……….” This next phase we are contributing will build a larger Peace Center to help more people in the community = bringing more people in to God’s Kingdom. You just need to understand where Pastor Rick is drawing his context from; others who write books to criticise are just criticising to draw attention to themselves to make a fast buck.

    • Paula Coyle says:

      Why should we have to go to all 7 previous services to understand what he’s saying? We’ve been listening to him since 2005 when I realized his teaching was polluting the church I was attending and got kicked out for asking too many questions.

      • Kathleen J Burke says:

        Because you are taking his sermon out of context just like a Bible verse; when reading the verse before and after will make more sense; IF you had heard his sermons before and after then you would understand; why you got “kicked out” you must have more issues then what you are revealing; no one gets kicked out unless you were threatening; did you know that after our last fund raiser we are now feeding 5,000 families who are NOT members of our church each month? also free medical and legal aid to families in our Peace Center? What have you contributed to His Kingdom?

        • Jeff Maples says:

          Feeding people and giving them free medical care does nothing for the Kingdom. A man can go to Hell on a full stomach. Only the Gospel can build the Kingdom, and Rick Warren preaches a false one.

          And for the record, why don’t you go ahead and give us the context we’re missing, so that we can clear things up.

          • Kathleen J Burke says:

            How sad that you do not see that the compassion of feeding our neighbors hasn’t helped lead people to Jesus, which it has!
            Your comment “Only the Gospel can build the Kingdom”….You sound like those fire-and-damnation sermons, which has led more people away from Christ.
            For the record, The context you are missing is your own negativity and self-serving rant about someone you have never met.
            FYI at last night service we accounted for 70 million dollars over the next 3 years to serve our community by us “guilt-tripped”(sic) souls.

          • Jeff Maples says:

            “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.” Matthew 7:13

          • rick says:

            Sounds like you’re jealous.

          • Paula Coyle says:

            If what Rick is saying is true then Steve Jobs was the best buddhist er… I mean… “Christian” on the planet. Or Buddhism is the true religion. Take your pick.

            Or else we should all be following whatever religion or lack thereof Bill Gates has. He provides jobs for innumerable people because of how God has prospered him.

            How blasphemous to suggest that because of the way you spend money people will be in heaven. The only reason people are in heaven is because of Jesus. Why do you want to make this about you? Why does that appeal to you so much to have your ego stroked? Is that the only way you are motivated to do good works? If you’re doing good works because it benefits you, which is the motivation Rick continually points people to, they aren’t good works. They’re self serving works.

          • rick says:

            Do both, sorrow.

          • David says:

            Did not Jesus provide “free medical care” that drew crowds who would then listen to Him preach the Kingdom of God?

        • Paula Coyle says:

          I’m listening to the entire sermon now, so far Jeff is exactly correct. It’s all about God rewarding obedience. God is not beholden to anyone and we mere human beings, no matter how ‘good’ we are, are not obedient enough to get God’s blessing, including Rick.

          What have you contributed to God’s kingdom?

          • Kathleen J Burke says:

            Sorry that you are also one of the “witch-hunters” IF you you are going to find something bad or wrong in a person YOU certainly will! I daily do something for His Kingdom like giving my time or saying a kind word to SHOW people the Love of Jesus. So, “What have you contributed to God’s kingdom?”

          • rick says:

            Man do you live in bondage, and not only that you miss out on the blessings that the Lord Jesus Christ freely gives. Lighten up!!

          • David says:

            How can you read the Bible and see that there are countless blessings promised for obedience? That doesn’t discount grace; it just shows that God, like any good father, loves to love on His kids. Remember, if you being evil know how to do good for your kids, how much more will your Father in heaven reward you? (Matthew 7:11)

      • HBDuncan says:

        I leave him to the Lord’s Judgement!

    • Kevin says:

      Kathleen, it is apparent that you think highly of Rick Warren; almost too highly. There is a great danger when a person chooses to follow a person more than than Jesus Christ. I have witnessed many occasions where people will defend their beloved pastor even when there is sufficient evident showing the beloved pastor is living in sin or teaching error.

      I too want to believe my pastor is 100% in line with what Jesus Christ taught and the teachings found in the bible. But… when it was discovered that my human pastor was living in sin and he denied his actions, I did not want to believe it was true; even when undeniable evidence showed it was true. I had to make a choice, adhere to the image I had of my pastor and my pastors’ words (thus denying the facts) or adhere to the truth of Jesus Christ and biblical teaching. I and others chose the latter and found ourselves as part of the minority in our church. Many people chose to dismiss the undeniable evidence and defended/protected the pastor. Sadly, it became apparent who was deemed more important in our church.

      • Kathleen J Burke says:

        Who are you to determine how “high” I think of Pastor Rick Warren and whom I have known for 23 years? I think that you think too highly of yourself to make a determination for me; and I don’t think 100% highly of anyone here on this earth because we are NOT in Heaven yet. I check all my facts in the Bible; what source are you using?

        • Kevin says:

          I determined your ‘high thinking’ of Rick Warren by the intensity of your comments to defend him. I understand your desired to defend a man your greatly respect; that is a normal human response. Please re-read your own words on this post and you too will recognize how much you defend him from legitimate (and provable) concerns. James Sundquist (See posts above) and Bob Dewaay (author of “Redefining Christianity”) have written books about how Rick Warren takes scripture out of Context to support Rick Warren’s own ideas.

          One of Satan’s tactics is too infiltrate the church with false teaching. How Satan does that is my mixing a very small amount of error with the truth so it goes unnoticed, and then He presents it as 100% truth, Satan repeats that process and the deception grows.

          Regarding fact checking… if you truly did check the facts, you would find that the author of this article, James Sundquist and Bob Dewaay (and others) are correct in their assessment of the errors in Rick Warrens teaching and that the bible fully support the assessments of those who are using DISCERNMENT.

          The question is, Will you be willing to set aside your feelings for a man/leader you esteem and look at the truth and compare the truth of God’s word with the teachings of a man.

  5. Paula Coyle says:

    Not surprising. It’s just another version of his theology of Glory. It was inevitable. He’s always had a form of this going on. If you do this, God will prosper you in some way.

  6. JINGJING39 says:

    (2 Corinthians 2:17) “Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, as those sent from God.”

  7. WILLIAM HALL says:

    Rick Warren is what the good book calls a false prophet!

  8. Paula Coyle says:

    TOO FUNNY. I called it! at 21 min 30 seconds in the original sermon he tells us YET AGAIN about his reverse tithing in the middle of this this long extended humblebrag LOL!!!! How people continue to listen to this guy talk about himself and pretend it’s about Jesus is beyond me.

    • David says:

      Maybe he was following example of Paul in 2-Corinthians 11:16-33?
      Or sharing a testimony to how good God is?

  9. Kevin says:

    Kathleen J Burke, Why would you say: “I only see the darkness/evil of your own comments and the wanna-be writers of books as a tactic to defend your twisting of Pastor Rick’s message” and ”I see jealously written ALL over these arguments” and call people who are discerning as “witch-hunters”?

    You also state: “I daily…saying a kind word to SHOW people the Love of Jesus.”

    Why are you hostile towards those who are truly discerning truth from error? Why not ‘SHOW’ those who are discerning the same ‘Love of Jesus’ you profess to show to others?

    • Dear Kathleen J. Burke,

      You are indicted by your own testimony. I am not a wanna be writer of books. I have published two books on Warren and published a host of articles in Conservative Christian journals. Furthermore, since bearing false witness an abomination to the Lord, and slanderers will not enter the kingdom of heaven, i solemnly invite you prove your charges, not simply make ad hominem personal attacks without a shred of evidence? So is your version of “SHOW people the Love of Jesus” for Rick Warren to tell millions of people that your book, is the “best selling non-fiction hard back book in history”, when in fact all of the evidence proves this is false, including the President of Publishers Weekly. So here is the proof: https://stomson2001.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/false-claims-from-the-purpose-driven-movement/

      I hope and pray that your next post will demonstrate both your repentance and will show compassion for the millions of Christian victims that Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Global Peace Plan calls “Sanballats from Hell”

    • p.s. One more question for Kathleen,
      It is well known that Rick Warren promotes Roman Catholicism, the Pope, and Roman Catholic Mystics. So my question for you, is are you OK with that too?

      • Joseph August says:

        Catholicism is certainly the remnant of the original Universal Church first established by Christ along with the Eastern Orthodox. The scriptures were written by the Universal church starting in the first century.. there were no Protestant Churches until 1500s.. as we all know..!!

        • trini4jesus . says:

          Catholicism was 1st started by Augustine the roman emperor who was self-proclaimed the 1st pope.

        • Vijay Raj says:

          1. Yes I hope you mean the ‘Holy Catholic’ church and Not the pagan roman catholic church ! You did not mention ‘Roman Catholic’ in your comment. So I am just insisting that the Roman Catholic church was a very late pagan version of true Christianity, twisted to suit human religion. Protestant is very new. Branches of protestant church too, has practices that are not reflective of early christian church.
          2. Scriptures were not written by Universal church, but by a few whom God chose and guided through the Holy spirit. The Authorship of Hebrews chapter is the only thing that we are unsure. Every other book has clear authorship and can be dated pretty close to their inceptions in early church circulation. As we all know, they had nothing about the practices that are unique to Roman Catholic church.
          3. Catechism is not scripture and all people in the first four centuries knew that.

    • Suchery Robin says:

      Inside? On staff??

  10. Eileen Pitman says:

    Is he related to Jeffrey Warren the pervert?

  11. Eileen Pitman says:

    I witnessed these so called prophets. My husband and I were giving helicopter rides in Elgoatarod Texas where we flew over and saw the massive temple built along with little kids running so they would not be seen slaving in the fields. And Mr Warren was actually sleeping with these poor children. I’m sorry religion is a very fine line with me. I believe God wouldn’t like the actions of his Mr Warrens beliefs…

  12. Suchery Robin says:

    Why do people listen to this zero. He is not credible….

  13. Karen Laginess-Haile says:

    What a liar he is and a big bad wolf. We need to trust Jesus and not MAN

  14. HBDuncan says:

    That’s not what it says in the word of G-d!

  15. Antodav says:

    Distortion, distortion, distortion. And certainly no one should be paying their tithing to him.

  16. Elldee says:

    OT – He doesn’t look like The Daniel Plan is working for him.

  17. trini4jesus . says:

    This Warren guy has always given a creepy feeling every time I see or hear of him.

  18. Vijay Raj says:

    1. I have a friend who is so keen about ‘Purpose Driven Life’ and a big fan of Rick Warren.
    2. That friend is also a big fan of T.D.Jakes
    Need not say anymore 🙂

  19. David says:


    More Warren bashing? Friends, first of all, most Southern Baptist pastors preach tithing. Warren is not the radical, self-serving false prophet you claim. It’s a way that MANY, right or wrong, interpret the Bible. And really, isn’t most of what he says just quoting Scripture (the ridiculous edits prevent much of his exposition)? And that ridiculous headline that some read as saying he believes non-tithers won’t go to heaven is a distortion, at least, of his message. ALL Christian churches receive money to help fund the Great Commission because without the Gospel, people aren’t saved. What does he really believe about salvation? See 2nd link below

    And for those who think Warren is enriched by this “false-teaching”: he paid back 25 years of salary and no longer receives salary from his church, while giving away 90% of his other earnings (book sales, etc) So how could he be benefiting from this teaching? http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/uniontrib/20060126/news_1c26warren.html

    And for all those w/the same ol’ lame, disproven accusations about chrislam, muslims, etc., please just read:


    I’ve heard & read Rick Warren preach & teach the Biblical Gospel of repentance of sins and trust in the grace of God through faith in Jesus’ death, burial & resurrection on numerous occasions, and while you may not agree with all his methods (many on here because they’ve heard him misrepresented), he agrees with most Christians on the Gospel and is worthy of our love as a brother in Christ, not the monster as here presented.

    May I humbly ask that anyone on here who has piled on without knowing the facts, take a few moments to repent before God?

  20. Dan Jones says:

    What an apostate….

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.