“P&P Contributor Hour Premier: Seth Gets Fired” — Listen Now.

The premier episode of the P&P Contributor Hour has just been released. The Pulpit & Program will return soon as a twice-weekly program, with one of the weekly episodes being the Contributor Hour and the other a traditional P&PP with JD only. Until JD returns with conventional episodes, you can still hear him and the other contributors opine on weekly topics.

The P&P Contributors include Dustin Germain, Gene Clyatt, Kofi Adu-Boahen, Alan Maricle and Seth Dunn.

This week’s topics include Seth being fired from a teaching position for a post he did on Ergun Caner. The boys also discuss Russell Moore’s lack of clarity on the difference between his and the Pope’s Gospel-centeredness, Al Mohler and the Church of England, and other topics.

You can listen here.


PS: We’re figuring out the audio quality thing, what with transatlantic conference calls and stuff. Thanks for being patient while we work on it.

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