A Big Evangelical Leader Stood Up To Glenn Beck

[Transcript provided below.]

On his December 9th Radio Show, Glenn Beck let loose a few interesting revelations- primarily that a big name in evangelical circles who was being lined up to appear on his show made his appearance conditional on the provision that he would be able to draw some clear lines in the sand separating and contrasting his beliefs [Christianity] with Beck’s beliefs [Not Christianity] . This drew the ire of Glenn who revealed that he almost hung up the phone at that point, sent some murderous thoughts towards his caller, and then went on a subsequent rant which demonstrated how right and true this “big evangelical” was to insist on being able to draw a clear delineation between a religion of works and one of grace. No doubt, part of the reason Beck was so upset is because he isn’t used to getting that sort of pushback. There’s a big laundry list of “evangelical leaders” who haven’t made those same distinctions with him (and likewise, must not love him much), and have gone along with him in partnership without making it an issue. From the audio, it seems like they could not come to a resolution, and so good on this man for standing firm and insisting on his prerogative. At a time when so many Christian leaders and pastors are caving to this theological phenomenon which attempts to muddy the theological waters for the sake of cohesion and cooperation on social issues, this man ought to be thanked, and appreciated, whoever he is.

“I had a conversation off-air with a big evangelical recently. And he said “you know, if I’m going to come on your show, it’s important for me to point out the differences between our religions. “ And quite honesty I almost hung up the phone. I was like…. but I didn’t. And the reason why I almost hung up the phone was because I thought “Are you really this small? Are you really this small? Do you see what’s happening to us right now?” Nobody cares what my religion is. Nobody really cares what your religion is. What they want are ‘are you putting your principles in action right now? What demonstrates me- don’t talk to me. Don’t preach to me, demonstrate to me. Who are you?  What do you believe?  What are you doing about it right now? Do you know why 20-something’s don’t go to church anymore? Because church doesn’t do anything. You gonna sit here and talk about it, are you gonna talk about the things that change lives, or you gonna do the things that changes lives. Don’t talk to me about theology. Talk to me about God in practice. How can I be a better man. How can I survive today?”

We see the problems here, obviously. Ours is not a religion of works. Beliefs do matter. Not everyone gets to heaven (another difference between our two religions) and the entrance is made by faith in a particular belief in a particular Person. And so, it’s not about what you do, but about what a God-Man once did.

But what’s truly amazing about this clip is the apparent rarity at which Beck – who often has evangelicals on his program to discuss religion – must hear any distinction between Christian monotheism and the most polytheistic religion on the planet, Mormonism. It also demonstrates, or so it would seem, that there hasn’t been an evangelical guest on Beck’s program who has cared to paint that distinction for Beck or loved him enough to evangelize him. Kirk Cameron? Ravi Zacharias? The Falwells? These guys haven’t been like, “Uh, Glenn…just so you know, you’re not a Christian”? Apparently not, at least if Beck’s testimony here is to make any sense.

[Contributed by Dustin Germain]

PS:   By the way, who was that guy? We’re taking no-money bets in the Pulpit Bunker and the best guess is Voddie Baucham, perhaps being invited to speak on The Blaze during his last media blitz to discuss Ferguson. Maybe? Maybe not? Who do you think this evangelical of integrity was? The list can’t be that long.

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