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How to Submit Video for The Caner Project

We’ve received very, very good response from Southern Baptists interested in submitting personal thoughts in video-form for The Caner Project. To make the submission process easier, please follow these guidelines.

1. Film the video away from outside noise or distractions.

2. State your full name – sorry, no anonymous accounts here. Also, please state your title and realm of ministry (IE Southern Baptist pastor, Southern Baptist seminary student, Southern Baptist army chaplain, Southern Baptist professor, Southern Baptist church planter, etc…). If you are not a Southern Baptist, please still tell us what ministry you perform. It will also help if you tell us what Bible College or seminary you are a student or graduate.

3. Focus on one of the following: (1) Why it matters (2) How you’ve been misled personally (3) Why Caner should repent (4) Why the cover-up should stop (5) How this has affected your ability to evangelize Muslims (5) What this has to do with Gospel credibility (6) Why others should speak up.

4. Please do not submit vertical videos, make sure they’re horizontal (IE like the shape of your computer monitor).

5. Email your video to [email protected] and tell us about yourself in the body of that email, along with your contact information.