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Update on The Caner Project

As you can see, Pulpit & Pen contributor, Gene Clyatt, is in Phoenix with this nefarious character. Why? Well…let’s just say that it has something to do with the upcoming The Caner Project documentary. Information from a whole swath of sources, including audio and video or Ergun Caner’s [heretofore unrepentant] lies concerning his life story and the subsequent Great Evangelical Coverup are being gathered into one giant mega-file.

Some of this information will be put up on the Caner Project website on March 30, 2014 – the date serving as the grand opening for Other information, particularly those involving interviews and unseen video and unheard audio footage will be kept confidential until the reveal of the documentary. We cannot wait for Crown Rights to put this information together, along with new video footage they’re shooting, into this world-class documentary that will be provided to the public and sent to the national press.

As we are seeing now with the press coverage of Joe Aguillard’s #FinalSolution and the new SACS investigation of Louisiana College on account of the information released through Pulpit & Pen, a few people crying out for truth and repentance can make a big, big difference. Like with Louisiana College, we hope to be able to salvage Brewton-Parker College as an institution of Christian learning and reinstate its integrity for the sake of the Gospel. Restoration, however, can’t be had without repentance.

As we’ve articulated several times on several occasions (in open letters, in emails directly to Ergun Caner and electronic correspondence with his friends and colleagues from Brewton-Parker), we would love to speak to him privately and directly to discuss these matters and plead for his repentance so the work and expense of this documentary is unnecessary. If Ergun would like to speak to me, he can contact me through this website or via email.

In pursuit of truth (a rare commodity in American evangelicalism),


[Contributed by JD Hall]