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As you can see, Pulpit & Pen contributor, Gene Clyatt, is in Phoenix with this nefarious character. Why? Well…let’s just say that it has something to do with the upcoming The Caner Project documentary. Information from a whole swath of sources, including audio and video or Ergun Caner’s [heretofore unrepentant] lies concerning his life story and the subsequent Great Evangelical Coverup are being gathered into one giant mega-file.

Some of this information will be put up on the Caner Project website on March 30, 2014 – the date serving as the grand opening for CanerProject.com. Other information, particularly those involving interviews and unseen video and unheard audio footage will be kept confidential until the reveal of the documentary. We cannot wait for Crown Rights to put this information together, along with new video footage they’re shooting, into this world-class documentary that will be provided to the public and sent to the national press.

As we are seeing now with the press coverage of Joe Aguillard’s #FinalSolution and the new SACS investigation of Louisiana College on account of the information released through Pulpit & Pen, a few people crying out for truth and repentance can make a big, big difference. Like with Louisiana College, we hope to be able to salvage Brewton-Parker College as an institution of Christian learning and reinstate its integrity for the sake of the Gospel. Restoration, however, can’t be had without repentance.

As we’ve articulated several times on several occasions (in open letters, in emails directly to Ergun Caner and electronic correspondence with his friends and colleagues from Brewton-Parker), we would love to speak to him privately and directly to discuss these matters and plead for his repentance so the work and expense of this documentary is unnecessary. If Ergun would like to speak to me, he can contact me through this website or via email.

In pursuit of truth (a rare commodity in American evangelicalism),


[Contributed by JD Hall]

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  1. Good. If there’s anything we can do to help, let us know — from a PhD in church history and my wife is an editor for a magazine.

    I have one suggestion: try to avoid the temptation to make it long. If you fully document every false claim he made, it could go on for hours. I suggest focusing on a few of the obvious claims — like born in Istanbul, trained in a Madrassa in Beirut, trained to be a terrorist, could speak Arabic, came to the USA as a teen, dressed in traditional garb, then after conversion debated Muslims (like Shabir Ally) and even lied in his so-called “apology”, etc. I suggest you all try to make it clearly pointed, fast paced, probably under an hour. That way it’s more likely to be shown in small groups, classes, etc. Sometimes less is more.

    And I’m glad you’re also touching on the cover-up. But there’s a lot you could get bogged down on that too. The case of my article being removed from “The Christian Post” is the most obvious case I know of of the cover up. The managing editor, John Gano, said he liked my article and had it posted on December 19. He can’t say it wasn’t up to journalistic standards are not newsworthy — excuses some editors now try to hide behind. But when Richard Land, the “Executive Editor”, contacted Gano, suddenly he decided to remove the article. It’s now on the Alpha & Omega site.

    Just my two cents.

  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Praying for you guys, James White and Crown Rights, knowing how Caner operates with his lawsuits tactics…

    • Caner was apparently clever about how he sued. He sued for copyright violations, which only allows a defense relating to issues about copyright. I doubt Caner would sue for defamation because that allows a defense relating to the truth of the claims. In law, “truth is an absolute defense against defamation.” Hence, if he sued for defamation, one would be allowed to prove the truth of the statements made about him; the defense would be allowed to make Emir Caner, etc., testify under oath about Caner’s testimony, etc. So make sure what you say is true which we are required to do by the 9th commandment (Ex. 20:16) anyway.

      But by suing, Caner has probably intimidated some people from speaking up. But in case someone does need legal help against Caner, contact Mr. Jeff Dickerson, an Atlanta attorney and Brewton-Parker College alum who has offered to give legal help to defend against Caner.

  3. I would center the cover-up part of the documentary on the biggest names: Geisler, Land and the passive role of the “Christian” media (e.g. the Baptist Press refusing to cover it, Christianity Today focusing the story on “bloggers” — as if after 9-11 the media had declared, “Bloggers Target Bin Laden”!). People like Lumpkins and that other guy in southern NC (who called me personally and shouted at me repeatedly calling me an “idiot” but I forgot his name!) are “small potatoes.” They’re really more like cheer leaders than cover-up artists. Geisler is the philosophical father of the cover-up; Land has used his position to actually implement it (despite the fact that Caner lied to “The Christian Post” and to him on his radio program), and the denominational media has been silently complicit.

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