Louisiana College Pays Off (25k) Aguillard’s Assistant To Keep Silent on Misdeeds

I’ve been discussing the corruption in Louisiana College for roughly a year. Even though this information is above and beyond proving what we have already known to be true, it brings me no joy to reveal it…

Synopsis: It appears from documents revealed that Joe’s assistant threatened to tell the Town Talk or Save Our LC of Joe Aguillard’s misdeeds – including, among other things, forging signatures and dates on documents sent to SACS. The board chose to pay the alleged blackmailer to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Then, in other documents, the college’s attorney claims that there is validity to the assistant’s claims and lines out how Aguillard stonewalled the college attorney’s investigation into the assistant’s claims. The attorney desired the board to “self-report” the misdeeds to SACS, at which point Aguillard demanded to be the only one in sole possession of the attorney’s files on the investigation – at which point she refused. Because of what the attorney reveals in this document, she says she can no longer work for the college and ends her contract with LC.

I’m sure this will be all over the place in the next 24-48 hours. I’ll let all the others lay out the written commentary. Remember that Pulpit & Pen broke the story to you first in this unique episode of the program.

Please pray for Louisiana College.

Listen here.

For the documents in question, click here.

*As I point out in the program, this episode should be taken as my opinion and my opinion only – do not assume it’s fact. Check the documents and make up your own mind.

For more on the drugs and sex scandal briefly referenced, click here.

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