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Monday – Program Summary: In today’s “doublesode”, JD discusses a number of important issues; Why on earth did Al Mohler pledge to nominate Ronnie Floyd as the next president of the SBC? Is it “selling out” or a brilliant and calculated move to keep the radical Hankins fringe out of office? Next, JD discusses the REAL news behind Joe Aguillard’s latest press release at LC. This episode as timely as LC now begins a money-grabbing request-a-thon to help shore up the college’s floundering resources. JD also discusses a VERY troubling meeting with Kenneth Copeland and the Pope and an admonishment to the Young, Restless and Reformed in the Daily #DOWNGRADE

Episode audio is here.

Tuesday – Program Summary: Today’s episode is a special one. JD reveals documents from Louisiana College showing that LC paid a blackmailer 25k (plus salary and benefits) to not speak to the press about Joe’s misdeeds. This is an exclusive report, as no one else has yet revealed these documents. The content of this program is the opinion of JD and should not be taken as fact. The documents have been released and you can make up your own mind. The documents can be seen here.

Episode audio is here.

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  1. Hi JD,

    Please note that as far as I can tell (with a PhD in church history), the Anabaptists arose from the Reformation. The idea that they preceded the Reformation and that modern day Baptists are derived from them is, I believe, not historical and is likely based in an anti-Calvinist attempt to sever the actual connection of Baptists with Calvinists. This myth of an underground Baptist movement through all of church history was developed by the “Landmark” Baptists. I believe in Southern Baptists circles a more sophisticated version of that myth has been promoted by William Estep and it was promoted by Paige Patterson. It created a different account of Baptist origins apart from the connection to the Reformed movement. But I believe it is false. As Thomas Nettles has shown, Baptists are derived from Calvinists. We are more consistent Calvinists who have applied “Semper Reformanda” to baptism.

  2. About Tuesday’s remarks, most of which were excellent: I don’t believe it’s appropriate to accuse Mark Driscoll of plagiarism, at least not of the intentional kind. I know that he produced some study notes on 1 Peter that had two brief paragraphs that were copied from a commentary. But it appears that was accidental; we have no reason to think otherwise. I don’t think the reflexive way in which Driscoll is often suspected and insulted is mature. It’s part of the “downgrade”.

    • JD Hall says:

      I’m fine with that, but I think it was something like 11 straight pages.

      • Not that I’ve seen, and I dealt a lot in December with people who were eager to crucify Driscoll. The only really “plagiarized” portion was two brief paragraphs in what was little more than an internal study guide on 1 Peter for small groups. They admitted it was a mistake and said it was the result of a researchers notes getting into the final product.

        There were some accusations that he “plagiarized” material from a scholar (Jones?) on “monism” in his recent book. But while Driscoll may have learned the material from the scholar, he mentioned him in a footnote and seems to have expressed the ideas in his own words. His publisher claims the use of the scholar’s material was according to “publishing standards”. I know of no evidence that Driscoll intentionally plagiarized.

        Driscoll isn’t above criticism but I’m curious as to why so many are so intent on apparently destroying him, exaggerating his alleged misdeeds, etc. “Driscoll-Derangement Syndrome” I call it. The flurry of accusations about plagiarism was almost simultaneous with Caner’s appointment to the presidency of Brewton-Parker College. That many of the same people who were hysterical about Driscoll were also silent about Caner shows that they really aren’t motivated by a passion for integrity. That’s why I wrote my article for “The Christian Post” which was pulled, apparently as soon as Land saw it. It’s now posted on the Alpha and Omega site.

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