The Launch of Project Frontlines!

Project Frontlines begins today, on a day when three thousand, five hundred of your neighbors are going to be murdered in the singular and ongoing American event that has far eclipsed in length and body count the Nazi Holocaust, the Stalinist purges, and even the massacres of Chinese civilians carried out by Japanese armies and later Mao Tse Tung. Worse still, the blame cannot be focused on one individual, like Hitler or Mao, or a small group of men, like a military junta.

We as Americans take time every year to celebrate the fact that we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have liberty to come and go as we please, to assemble and associate freely, to publish and speak freely. Every individual enjoys these rights and privileges. And millions of us have refused to obey the admonition in 1 Peter 2:16 – “Act as free men, and do not use your freedom as a covering for evil, but use it as bondslaves of God.”

Instead, millions of us have used our freedom not only to cover up evil, but to do more evil so as to continue in yet more evil.

Tens of millions more of us have stood idly by, speaking here and there about child sacrifice, but mostly writing checks (if that) to a local crisis pregnancy center and, say, the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform so those professionals can take care of the job of ending the murder of babies. Let those guys take care of it, even if it requires compromising with Rome, even if it means mandating that their workers not share the Gospel, not call people to repent of sin, not give a spiritual answer unless asked a spiritual question.

This idle apathy is enabled in large measure by the shrewdness of the abortion establishment. The days of placing babies in the outstretched, searing arms of a large golden idol sheathed in flames on top of a high place in public are long gone. The standards and mores of public decency preclude such a notion. Rather, high walls and fences have been erected, laws restricting access have been passed and police departments have been shamed, pressured, and cajoled into enforcing those unjust ordinances, so that the systematic elimination of tiny children can continue mostly unopposed, out of public view.


It is also empowered by the secular government school system, which removes God as Lord of the universe and installs the State in His place, with Reason as the weak stepsister (I won’t say Reason is Lord there until graduates of the schools can reliably read, rite, and ‘rithmetic). Children today are taught the virtues of cheap sex as long as you wear a condom. And if you forget or it doesn’t work, everyone knows what to do.

It has gone so far that hundreds of ministers of the Gospel of grace outside abortion clinics will testify they have seen countless patrons arrive in cars with Christian or church bumper stickers, quote Scripture, and/or inform us they are Christians or even pastor’s kids.

This great evil and the undergirding support structure must be exposed and dealt with, and the people who can do that are the servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, the church. Rise up, church. Do the works you did at first. Reflect the passion and glory of Jesus in the face of the evil of your age.

Project Frontlines begins today. Contact your church and ask them how you can participate and call others to participate in exposing evil and displaying the Law and Gospel unashamedly in public. Contact your local abolitionist society to see how you can work together. If there is not a society in your area, talk to your church about beginning one or simply taking up the work of abolition in your locality (after all, what’s in a name?).

Join the men and women who have tasted the sweet grace of forgiveness because of Jesus their Redeemer and Lord and who desperately want to see the society revived and reformed, so that child sacrifice be finally and ultimately abolished.


[Contributed by Alan Maricle]

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