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Monday – Program Summary: On Monday’s Program, JD explains why he doesn’t believe in “prayer in schools” and Christians shouldn’t advocate for it. He then discusses an article by Bob Hadley explaining that Biblical Monergists for some reason believe that the Gospel is for sanctification and not conversion, and end in the Daily #DOWNGRADE segment with a clip from Pat Robertson saying that public nudity on television could be just fine and JD discusses a biblical theology of public nudity and clothing.

Audio link is here.

Tuesday – Program Summary: In today’s program, JD plays a clip from Art Azurdia warning us to not get so caught up in the doctrinal fight that we lose our first love, and he then moves on to discuss a snake-handling preacher that must not have had enough faith. In the Daily #DONEGRADE (a #DOWNGRADE segment for those who can’t go any further down) he discusses an “evangelical catholic” criticizing Paul Washer for being emotional and telling people to “cry out to God” to be saved.

Audio link is here.

Wednesday – Program Summary: In today’s episode, JD discusses briefly an article at SBC Voices about why we can’t all get along, and talks about church in a bar. Then, JD plays a 12 minute “sermon jam” for Reformation Montana Conference 2012 with Paul Washer, JD and Phil Johnson. The episode ends with Rick Warren and Lifeway in the Daily #DOWNGRADE.

Audio link is here.

Thursday – Program Summary: In today’s program, JD discuss gun registration and confiscation, then comments on a Tim Challies scathing article on Rick Warren and the “Son of God” movie. He also discusses the “Spurgeon’s Calvinism” book recently out, then plays a clip from Matt Davis of Sovereign Grace Bible Church on loving your wife like Christ loves the church. JD talks about Peter Lumpkins going after parody Twitter accounts and also discusses Joe Aguillard and introduces the new Aguillard theme for the program. Finally, JD ends with the Daily #DOWNGRADE and Trevin Wax finding Gospel themes in a Disney Movie.

Audio link is here.

Friday– Program Summary: In today’s program, JD explains why he is against “Interracial Marriage.” Don’t jump to conclusions as to what that means – you’ll be pleasantly pleased (unless you’re a bit racist). Then, JD briefly discusses the Stephen Furtick “Obey Your Leader” children’s coloring book put out by Elevation Church and then plays a clip from the secular news on Furtick’s manufactured miracles and so-called “spontaneous” baptisms in the Daily #DOWNGRADE.

Audio link is here.

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5 Responses

  1. 1. About your Friday’s program: I was very glad to see you address the problem of “affinity based churches”. You are right. The Lord Jesus calls the church together, around Himself through His Word, not us around our ethnicity or interests.

    2. I believe what we need is a separation of school and state: that the government would only collect the taxes and set the standards for what it means to have graduated elementary school, middle school, high school, and then the parents decide what school to send their kids to, whether run by Baptists, Catholics, secularists, etc. Get the state out of the business of running the schools.

  2. Mike Leake says:

    A friend mentioned to me that my article from SBC Voices was mentioned on your show, so I thought I’d give it a listen. I’m not much familiar with your site and this is only the first time that I’ve heard your show. I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I think you are mistaken about the nature of articles at SBC Voices. And the intention of this particular article. I originally wrote the article on January 20th (on my site) after reading through Paul’s letter to the Philippians. I continue to be astonished at the way that Paul seemed to move on when people were not representing him correctly. And I know in my own life and heart there are times when I can really get fixated on something–like winning a foolish argument. There was nothing in my mind about Ergun Caner, you, or any particular controversy.

    Furthermore, I wholeheartedly agree that there are things in which we must not simply move on. There were times (like in Galatians) when Paul refused to move on. Even on something that might seem like a minor point (such as who Peter chose to eat with). So certainly there are issues in which Paul refused to move on. And I too am happy that Athanasius refused to just move on–even over something as seemingly minor as one letter. Certainly the nature of Christ is not something that would fall under the category of a foolish controversy.

    So the point of my article is simple. There are foolish controversies that ought to be avoided and ones that we move on from. It seems that Paul was little concerned with fixating on his own reputation and being seen as right. When we find ourselves engaged and stuck in those types of debates we ought to move on. I’m thankful that Paul moved on and we ought to follow suit. That’s it. That’s my point. Reading anything into it and mocking it with Rodney King is not a fair reading of what I wrote. But I’ll also follow the tenor of my argument and “move on”. Just thought since you don’t know me and aren’t at all familiar with my writing that it might be a decent idea to at least represent the point that I was making.


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