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Monday – Program Summary: In today’s ‘doublesode,’ JD first discusses former VP of the SBC and well-known blogger Dave Miller’s assertion that JD is raising an ‘army’ and must repent for committing the ‘sins of the flesh’ listed in Galatians 5. JD asks the question whose side Miller would be on during Spurgeon’s #DOWNGRADE Controversy. Then, JD interviews Tony Miano about his recent arrest for preaching in Scotland and reads a letter from a Brewton-Parker student in the Daily #DOWNGRADE.

Episode Audio is here.

Tuesday – Program Summary: In today’s program, JD answers the question, ‘Is so-called ‘prepping’ Biblical?’ He opines briefly on the new additions to the Connect 316 board and then discusses Stephen Furtick book sales in the Daily #DOWNGRADE.

Episode Audio is here.

Wednesday – Program Summary: In today’s episode, JD discusses the difference between short-term missionaries and ‘vacationaries.’ He also discusses a ‘nudist church’ in the Daily #DOWNGRADE.

Episode Audio is here.

Thursday – Program Summary: In today’s episode, JD discusses ‘Can a Free Mason Be a Christian?’ He also addresses an article by Dave Miller about what he wants in a new Southern Baptist Convention president, and JD shares the three qualities that he hopes the next president will have. In the Daily #DOWNGRADE, JD reads a letter about Rick Warren from an inmate at a penitentiary that heard the Modern Day Downgrade message on Brannon Howse’s Worldview Weekend.

Episode Audio is here.

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5 Responses

  1. Born4Battle says:

    Excellent program. My ears perked up when the blog “Spiritual Sounding Board” was mentioned. I’ve been banned from the site, I stop by now and again to see who new is being bashed.

  2. As I posted under “program”, this was an excellent and important program. And people need to know how disingenuous Dave Miller is being. I had an e-mail exchange with him around January 14, after I responded to his article arguing (absurdly) that if we don’t know Ergun Caner personally, the scandal is none of our business. (I used Ephesians 5:11 to counter.) He blocked me from responding publicly to his blog then sent me an e-mail in which he accused me of various things, like thinking I’m inerrant and (seven times) accused me of making false accusations (without being able to prove it). I finally had to tell him directly to stop e-mailing me. He did so again anyway. So I had to tell him directly (copied below) that any further communication from him that wasn’t an expression of repentance would be reported as internet harassment. The irony is that he accuses others of cyber harassment when he was on the verge of doing so himself.

    to: Dave Miller, January 14, 2014
    “First, I told you not to write to me again unless you repent.. You’ve not repented and yet written to me again. You are harassing me and any further communication from you that is not for repentance will be reported as harassment.”

  3. lisagray191 says:

    Last night all I could think about was this deceived BPC student. I’ve been listen to John MacArthur preach through 1 Cor. so last night I went back to the sermon he preached on 1 Cor. 9:19-27 and it’s about giving up out Christian liberties in order to not offend others and hinder them coming to Jesus. Not becoming other than you are and certainly NOT about lying. Perhaps, this young person will see this and go to http://www.gty.org/resources/sermons/1837/giving-up-to-gain and listen to the sermon Giving Up to Gain. May God have mercy on those who decieve our young people in such a wicked way, but I’m not sure he will. Luke 17:1-2

  4. Neptune says:

    Question for JD.

    I’m just curious and confused (which, considering the political climate at the SBC, is not unusual……especially since 1979)

    Anyway, you are obviously not a fan of the new website, http://www.connect316.net, featuring Richard Land, Tim Rogers and Emir Caner on the Board of Directors.

    Therefore, why is your book being promoted on Connect 316?

    Seriously, considering the “war” that is going on right now, why would they be promoting your book? Again, just curious.


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