Peter Lumpkins Joins The Brewton-Parker Team: Truth Curls Up In The Corner And Cries

It is my honor to announce that Peter Lumpkins, one of the most well-known and respected writers in the Southern Baptist Convention, has accepted my offer to become the new Vice President of Communications here at Brewton-Parker College.”  ~ Ergun Caner in a press release  from Brewton-Parker College today.

When I first read about this on Twitter today, I had to check the calendar to make sure today isn’t the first of April…

“Incredulous” doesn’t even begin to describe it, but it seems that Caner, now that he has some power as president of Brewton-Parker college, is now using that power to reward his defenders. Today, it was announced that Peter Lumpkins has been named as Brewton-Parker’s new “Vice President of Communications.”

Peter Lumpkins has long been one of the most vocal and least reasonable members of the very vocal and unreasoning defenders of Ergun Caner’s decade-long fraud and deceit. Indeed, outside of the small circle of Caner sycophants, Lumpkins is pretty much a laughing stock. Just a quick, albeit painful, reading of Lumpkins’ blog, SBC Tomorrow, shows that he is very good at writing long, rambling posts that are heavy in ad hominem and very light in logical argumentation, which will make him the perfect person to defend Caner officially on behalf of Brewton-Parker College.

As soon as this was announced, the alternate title of “Minister of Propaganda” was suggested, and allusions to the infamous “Bagdad Bob” were made. And, to be honest, how would you describe the person whose job it now is to officially communicate for a renowned liar?

To say the least, this will be interesting to watch.

[Contributed by Gene Clyatt]



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36 Responses

  1. taco says:

    Who knew Lumpy was demoing his propaganda skills for a VP job with his insane rambling defense of Caner?

  2. The Squirrel says:

    Since Brewton-Parker College is in Mount Vernon, Georgia, not Baghdad, I’m recommending “Mount Vernon Melvin” be Lumpy’s new “official” designation…

  3. Micah Burke says:

    Brewton-Parker follows it’s tradition of hiring people who are not only unqualified, but unregenerate.

  4. The Calvinists are committing suicide at the city gates!

  5. Eddie says:

    In a related story, I understand that Ted Haggard has been named the BPC Dean of Students.

    In a statement making this announcement, BPC President Ergun Caner cited Haggard’s committed mentoring of troubled individuals and the fact that he knows intimately the many temptations that today’s undergraduates face. “Pastor Ted has the life experience that we need more of here at BPC”, said Caner.

    An announcement of the college’s selection for College Comptroller is expected within the week, with Pastor Jim Bakker said to be a strong contender.

  6. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow…something tells me Caner is trying to hijack an institute and bring in more cronies. Sad, may God show them these men their sins and their error of slandering, bad theology, etc.

  7. Scott Shaver says:

    A man gets appointed not to your liking and he’s “unregenerate”? Call him what you wish but not a better choice could have been made in this situation. We need many more like Lumpkins and Caner on Baptist college campuses….whether Calvin’s offspring think they’re unregenerate or not.

    • JD Hall says:

      The (in)famous professional blog commenter, Scott Shaver… Welcome to the Pulpit & Pen. Two questions for any of your Caner crowd that shows up (1) Has Caner repeatedly lied about his testimony and life and (2) has he repented. Any and all comments on this subject, prior to you answering these questions, will be deleted. There will be no spin here and you are welcome to comment, if you do so with integrity.

    • Sadly, Caner is an unrepentant liar. By what distortion of logic do you imagine that we need more like him running Baptist colleges?

  8. Scott Shaver says:

    May God show SlimJim what’s up at Brewton Parker?

  9. Neptune says:

    I have a question for Scott Shaver. If dyed-in-the-wool, Bible-believing Baptists truly believe that the Bible is the inerrant and inspired Word of God, how do Caner’s Baptist supporters explain away the scriptures about lying? If lying is a sin in the eyes of God, then how does Caner get a pass? Seriously…..I don’t understand this.

    If Caner receives a pass on lying, then his supporters should never become upset when a pastor, teacher or college staff member is caught in the act of adultery or stealing. If lying, adultery and stealing is a sin, and they are giving Caner a pass on lying, do they no longer believe that the Bible is inerrant?

    If you claim to be born in Stockholm, Sweden on one video and then claim to be born in Istabul, Turkey on another video, then you are obviously lying on one of the videos. No person can be born in two places. No one. How are they comfortable with this?

  10. Scott Shaver says:

    I’ll answer your qualifying questions for participation, JD. You sound like the Reform version of Dave Miller at SBC Voices.

    I personally do not know whether Caner has repeatedly lied about his life…don’t care.

    If he lied about something and has not repented…do not care and tis none of me business.

    No spin here Mr. Moderator

    • JD Hall says:

      You did not answer the question. To answer the question might require 5-10 minutes of research and solicits a “yes” or “no” answer. Please do so before commenting again.

    • How can you seriously not “care” about whether the president of a Baptist college is a repeated, public liar — indeed, that he got his position as a result of his lies? Would you care if he were an unrepentant homosexual or Satanist? Do you realize that God will keep everyone who “loves and practices deceit” out of heaven?

      First, you need to change your own unBiblical priorities and start to care about lying.

      Second, once you’ve started to care about lying, then look at the following:
      Caner has claimed BOTH to have come to the USA in 1969 and 1978. Which was it? Listen to this video at 1:56 and again at about 4:00:
      He claims to both be born in Stockholm, Sweden and Istanbul, Turkey: listen to him yourself at the above video.
      Caner’s mother Monica successfully fought against the provision in the divorce decree that the children be raised Muslim by making an appeal to the court on June 8th 1978. The court overturned the former condition of April 14th 1978, by allowing religious instruction “according to the desires of each parent” while in their custody. See the court order here: Now, if Monica Caner was really a Muslim, why did she appeal to the court to let her instruct her children in religion other than Islam? This goes against Caner’s insistence that he was raised in a devoutly Muslim home and that his mother was Muslim.
      Caner came to the USA in 1969, at the age of 2 and attended public school. How could he, then, have only learned about American culture by what he saw on TV as a child growing up in Turkey as he claims? Here’s Caner’s father’s immigration record, showing him coming in 1969:
      There are also serious questions as to his basic knowledge of Islam and about whether he publicly pretended to speak Arabic. Here’s an example of Caner’s “Arabic”: And another:

      More Caner vs. Caner:

  11. Tom Parker says:

    Scott Shaver said:”If he lied about something and has not repented…do not care and tis none of me business. ” Wow, Scott, as a believer you say you do not care about the truth as it relates to Caner. That is unbelievable Scott. How you and others are to support Caner inspite of the facts is just wow!.

    • TOM PARKER says:

      Scott: So in your “Christian” world lying is not a sin. I or no one else sets the parameters of your relationship, but it appears to me if you have eliminated lying out of your bible I am not sure at all you are following the teachings of Christ.

    • As above, the Lord has already expressed His judgment of lying by saying all liars go to hell. By not caring, you show that you do not share the Lord’s values.
      By spitting out an empty insult at JD, you behave in an unChristian manner.

  12. Neptune says:

    Scott Shaver…….are we hearing that you’re okay with lying? Is it no longer a sin in your eyes?

    Are you okay that several hundred students will be under the influence of a president who has lied about his past?

    Again…..So, it’s okay for a college student to be under the influence of a man who is not adhering to Biblical principles?

    …..there you go……..and we wonder why corrupt politicians are voted into office year after year, decade after decade. People DO NOT care. It’s only about their materialism, their money and their ultimate comfort level. This country, like the Roman Empire, will eventually fall. Basically, it has already fallen.

    • JD Hall says:

      Given that he’s required to first answer those two questions I’ve asked, I wouldn’t expect to see him back here.

    • Let’s try that same logic with another sin the Lord said will keep people out of heaven:
      Scott Shaver: ‘If he was homosexual, it’s all in the light now and forever in the past . . .”
      Is that what you want to say?
      Besides, Caner has not repented and says he has nothing to repent of, thus he is still in a condition of lying — like being an homosexual.
      Do you support having unrepentant homosexuals as the leaders of Baptist colleges?

    • When you said (1) you don’t care if Caner lied and (2) that we need more people like him in Baptist colleges.
      There are only two possible interpretations of those two ideas together: either (1) you actually want Baptist colleges to be run by people living in unrepentant sin (thus training more young people to live in the same sin); or (2) you don’t believe lying is a sin.
      Which is it?

  13. Scott Shaver says:

    Hey JD. I see you conveniently forgot to post my question to you and your other friends about whether or not you or they’ve ever lied about anything at anytime. Will chalk it up to transmission error. I’ve answered your questions. Why don’t you answer this one?

    • You’ve NOT answered JD’s questions at all. You said (1) you don’t know and (2) you don’t care. Then you’ve tried to divert attention.
      After you answer JD’s questions, then tell us honestly why you falsely claim you have.

    • JD Hall says:

      No, I deleted it because I told you that you must first answer my two questions – yes or no. I’m only not deleting this one to emphasize again that you’re allowed to comment only with integrity. Please, answer those two questions. Any and all other comments will be deleted.

  14. Neptune says:

    Scott Shaver is obviously a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Jesus warned us about this in the New Testament. I believe that many people will be sent into the churches during the last days to cause confusion and infiltrate with deception. Scott, you’re making yourself look really foolish, and even psychologically disturbed. Your spirit does not bear witness with the spirit of truth. I hate to break it to you BUT 99% truth + 1% lie still = a LIE.

    When someone publicly lies without repentance…..and continues to lie……those who support him are basically an “accessory to the crime”.

  15. Chris Gilliam says:

    Ok lying is the unpardonable sin and slander is the new no sin. Biblical, logical, sensical, whimsical. Sadly I linked here to read this. POT and Kettle my friend.

  16. From a Christian point of view, Ergun Caner is obviously unregenerate because he LIED about what he said to his father on the very day he claims he was saved. In the attached clip, he spews out utter gibberish and claims it is what he said to his father when he was saved. A man who blatantly lies about the testimony he gave to his father concerning his salvation is obviously a fraud in every sense of the word.

  17. Marvin says:

    J.D. Hall, I agree that Ergun Caner has lied, but I also curl up when I see your own fruits of extreme criticism, unedifying conversation, and grace-less judgment (the kind described in Matthew 7:1, although I do admit some of your judgments regarding right and wrong are spot-on). Thus, you could set a fine example of public repentance if your pride would just allow such a blessed action.

  18. Tom Davis says:

    Caner’s school was just dropped from accreditation by SACS. How long before he and Lumkins jump the sinking ship?

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