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Monday’s Program; James White and Justin Peters – JD addresses Dr. Michael Brown’s promotion (for lack of a better term) and partnership (for lack of a better term) with Benny Hinn. He also addressed this on his website, here. The article from Charisma magazine that Brown authored which JD references is here. [Find this episode’s audio here]

Tuesday’s Program; Matt Richards – You can find the article from Thom Rainer in Charisma magazine here. The article about proposed Amendment to protect churches from having to “marry” homosexuals is here, and the article about the Church of England #DOWNGRADE is here. Pastor Richard’s Applied Research Project, which we discussed, is here. Concerning Phillips, Craig and Dean singing at a Southern Baptist conference, check that out here. Matt Privett’s post on the topic is here. [Find this episode’s audio here]

Wednesday’s Program; Michael Brown – JD interviews Dr. Michael Brown about his appearances on Benny Hinn’s television program. This article from Justin Peters, recently posted at Grace to You, might be helpful to understand the conversation. You can find Dr. Brown’s radio program episode, in which he talks about why he went on Benny Hinn’s program in his own words here. The clip that JD says he’ll post on Pulpit Notes with Hinn rebuking Osteen is here. Ken Fryer’s article, the discussion in the Daily #DOWNGRADE segment, “Hickory, Dickory, Dockery: Ecumenism in the SBC” can be found here. The Manhattan Declaration’s website is here. “Like” RefMT’s Facebook page here. [Find this episode’s audio here]

A Call To Action

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