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Pulpit Notes

Pulpit Notes is the weekly post where JD cites information or links to material that he’s discussed on The Pulpit & Pen Program. This post will be added to throughout the week, as JD brings up new stuff he wants you to have access to.

Monday’s Episode – Sye Ten Bruggencate; check out Sye’s website ProofthatGodExists.Org and his film, How to Answer the Fool by clicking these hyperlinks. You can purchase the film (which JD highly recommends) on Amazon.

Tuesday’s Episode – Josh Williamson; you can find the article JD linked by Tony Miano via CARM here. You can also find Miano’s book (Should She Preach) at Amazon. The Christian Post article JD discussed in the Downgrade Segment concerning Carl Lentz and Hillsong NYC and their refusal to take a stance on homosexuality can be found here. You can also find a video of Lentz’ interview on Katie, here.

Wednesday’s Episode – End Human Abortion (Abolitionist Group); you can find Toby and Mark’s website here. The article I referenced with Jason Smathers concerning the potentiality of Caner’s lawsuit bringing an end to the usefulness of the Freedom of Information Act is from the publication This Week. Gene Clyatt’s excellent “Caner Files” website is here. Tony Miano’s article I referenced is here.

Thursday’s Episode – Reformation Sermon; a sermon jam created from the message on Thursday’s program can be found here.

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