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A Few Pulpit Notes….

Thanks to Jared Moore for talking about the Harry Potter Bible Study, which will air tomorrow. I told him that I’d link to his new book, “Ten Sacred Cows in Christianity that Need to Be Tipped.” Although I don’t necessarily recommend this book (having only skimmed it), I want you to feel free to read it and tell me what you think. You can find the book here [click here for the link]. Also, here in an interview from Jared (on another program) about the “Ten Sacred Cows” [click here for the link].

I mentioned in yesterday’s program with Gene Clyatt I would link the article that asserts Ergun Caner’s lawsuit against these innocent Baptist pastors might bring an end to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) – at least as we know it. The secular media and investigatory journalists are very concerned that the Brewton-Parker president’s radical attempt to cover up his lies is going to screw up an American institution safe-guarding the First Amendment [click here for the link].

A new (older, but recently circulated) video of Caner explicitly telling egregious lies can be found here [click for the link]. Download it to your hard-drive before the link is gone for good. It, like all the others, will soon be scrubbed by Caner’s friends or scoured by Caner’s lawyers.

Concerning today’s Downgrade Segment, the article I was referring to concerning Russell Moore’s endorsement of a Roman Catholic prayer journal can be found here [click for link].