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Become a Pulpiteer and Receive “Help! Arminians are Giving Me Nightmares Again!” FREE by Christmas!

Who are the Pulpiteers? The Pulpiteers are a unique group of rabble rousers that use their social media to get out the Truth about evangelicalism’s need for Reformation. They are a Gospel-centered army, using their social media to advance the cause. They follow the Pulpit & Pen blog, subscribe to the podcast, and receive email alerts about how they can be activated at a moment’s notice to spread time-sensitive information in their spheres of influence. To become a Pulpiteer, put your email into the info box labeled “Become a Pulpiteer” on the homepage.

As a Pulpiteer, you will:

1. Receive updates as particularly important posts are added by our collaborative staff.

2. Receive updates when there’s a skirmish in Twitter, on Facebook or other social media that you might want to be involved in. If you’re on Twitter, look for the #Pulpiteer hashtag. Posts we want you to know about from our collaboration staff will have that hashtag. Feel free to follow JD or our other contributors on Facebook. If you have a post on Twitter that you would like us to know about, please add the #Pulpiteer hastag – we’ll be looking for it, too!

3. You’ll receive special offers and FREE STUFF from time to time. For example, “every new Pulpiteer up until December 20th will receive a FREE COPY of “Help! Arminians Are Giving Me Nightmares Again!”* (Books will be sent out December 21 so you can have it in time for Christmas). Just email [email protected] with your mailing address (if you’re a Pulpiteer; others are out of luck!).

Please tell your friends about the Pulpit & Pen Program and blog.

Remember, the Pulpit & Pen Program starts December 16 on Worldview Weekend. You can listen to the program Mon-Fri. Links are provided for you under the “The Program” tab on the website.

* While Supplies Last