Ergun Caner Newly Elected President of Brewton-Parker

This is the landing-page for a Facebook Ad that has targeted the 30445 Zip Code, which is the home of Brewton-Parker College. Brewton-Parker is a Georgia Baptist College, and the students, faculty and staff of Brewton-Parker (and the surrounding community) need to know that the college is not in good hands. In fact, an imposter has just been elected as president of the college.

The trustees of Brewton-Parker have voted to hire Ergun Caner as the new president. Caner has lied and lied repeatedly and unrepentantly about his past in profound and egregious ways [click here for a video about his well-documented lies concerning his background and testimony]. These lies led to his demotion at Liberty University, and eventually his departure from that institution. Issues Ergun has repeatedly lied about are from matters relating to where he was born, to when he came to the United States, to debates that he has had (or hasn’t had), to his father’s alleged polygamy, faking Arabic to project that he speaks the language, to many other aspects of his back-story that simply aren’t true. Leaving the large Liberty University for a tiny Baptist school in Texas, Ergun has tried to rebuild his reputation without ever once publicly apologizing for his obvious and public lies.

Many, many individuals called Brewton-Parker in the days following the release of information in social media that Caner was a candidate for president (myself, included). I hope and pray that those calls, complete with names and concerns, were relayed directly to the trustee board by David Wallace in Media Relations. If Mr. Wallace relayed these concerns, he should have relayed the links to the recorded evidence of Caner’s many lies that were given to him. If he did as he said he would do, then the trustee board of Brewton-Parker decided to act contrary to the good of the college and move forward in spite of having seen (or at least having access to) the evidence. Caner is now busy trying to erase evidence of his lies, suing pastors who have posted videos of his falsehoods, claiming copyright infringement on material released by the United States Marines under the Freedom of Information Act [click here for information].

The point of this landing-page is to inform you – the concerned student, faculty, staff member or community resident – about the new president at Brewton-Parker. Please take a look at the evidence that the college trustee board chose to ignore…and please hold them accountable.

Our desire is that Georgia Baptists clearly articulate their love toward Muslims by not hiring someone who utilized lies and deception to engage them. Our desire is that Georgia Baptists clearly articulate their love for Ergun Caner by calling him to repentance. Our desire is for the students, faculty and staff be aware of their new president and his true past, so he can no longer take advantage of them and hurt them for his own personal gain as he has done to so many who’ve place their trust in him in the past.

The Facebook Ad will become active as soon as an official announcement has been made. In the mean time, please utilize the very tool that makes Caner’s lawsuits against pastors futile – Google. Simply spend about ten minutes and Google Ergun Caner or the name he used before September 11, Butch Caner.

Some will argue that God is not glorified by a public call to repentance. We will argue that God is not glorified by Baptists who preach a doctrine of faith and repentance but instead hide unrepentant sin in the dark and preach a hypocritical Gospel. What will be a true and glorious testimony of the saving grace of Jesus is the Brewton-Parker trustee board to call Caner to repentance and for Ergun Caner to demonstrate repentance to the lost and fallen world around us.

UPDATE: Brewton-Parker, in their official press release [click here to see it], quotes a trustee as saying they hired Caner because of the “pagan attacks” he’s endured “as a warrior.” When myself, and many other Southern Baptists called David Wallace with information about Caner’s lies, how sad that fellow Southern Baptists have accused us of being pagans.

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