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Contradictions at Louisiana College


The details, facts and quotations given in this post have been removed for the following reasons:

1. Information has been provided to the necessary individuals (those who might be in the power to right these wrongs) that prove the statements made in this post have absolute proven validity.

2. Those with Louisiana College who might possibly be in a position to right the wrongs perpetrated against innocent faculty members have received the information provided herein. I have seen the stats for today’s blog; anyone and everyone directly affected by this controversy has read this blog (or had the opportunity).

3. It is not my goal to revel in this controversy. The desired result has been achieved – factual representations of the questionable behavior of Louisiana College administration has been disseminated and verified. In other words, this matter is far too serious than to get caught up in “spiking the football.”

4. I do not want to further implicate or cause negative repercussions for those who were quoted.There’s nothing that I’ve seen in terms of how the terminated faculty has been treated to suggest that anyone on the wrong side of Joe Aguillard would be treated compassionately or fairly. I would also ask that those on the other side of the controversy not be vindictive or retributive against those unfortunate individuals in the middle. They are not the problem. The problem lies in the behavior of the LC toward its faculty. On the bright side,there will now be scrutiny to see how these individuals are treated in the near future, which might insulate them from any retribution. And if there is retribution toward them – rest assured – it will also be publicized. Even though they are supportive Joe Aguillard – I worry about how they will be treated.

I pray (and we should all pray) for the following:

First, we should pray that these wrongs be righted. The fired faculty has done nothing wrong, has been caught in the middle of a deeper theological schism,and possibly, as a diversion for deeper problems. They should be allowed to continue their work, which has been stellar.

Secondly, we should pray that if  (we do not know for sure) the topic of Calvinism was intentionally used as a diversion for deeper problems, that the deeper problems will be addressed. One thing that has been clear; everyone that has attended LC truly loves it. It should be a highly treasured, beloved institution. We should pray it handle this well and overcome these problems.

Third, we should pray that if there is sin to be found, the goal for everyone should be repentance and restoration to fellowship.