The Pen

Caught in the Crosshairs: LA College Taking on Calvinism

It appears that Louisiana College President, Joe Aguillard is drawing a line into the sand when it comes to Southern Baptist professors who subscribe to so-called Calvinism. Using his “President’s Pen” portion of the college website, Dr. Aguillard says:

“My love for all Baptists, including Calvinists, does not constitute our approval of its being advocated at Louisiana College.”

A number of Calvinist-leaning faculty members have not had their contracts renewed as part of Aguillar’s recent disposition toward Calvinism. It should be noted that this is a new direction for Louisiana College. There has never been such exclusion previously. There is much speculation as to why Aguillard has only recently taken such a hard stand against theological Monergism, most of which I won’t address because I want to be guilty of neither gossip nor presumption. All I know is there are a number of stellar faculty members who can fully subscribe to the Southern Baptist Faith and Message who are now caught in the cross-hairs of a fight they never wanted to be a part of.

So let us pray for Louisiana College and that a belief in God’s sovereignty over salvation not be a cause for division or strife.