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Heaven, Hillsong, and Heresy

The 2017 church conference circuit is in full swing and with it comes a plethora of unholy alliances. No surprise, Hillsong and Jesus Culture will headline the apostasy this year. In keeping with Paul’s...

Hillsong: Houston IS The Problem

  Brian Houston’s autobiographical fodder entitled Live Love Lead, published in 2015 by Faith Words, an indicia of Hatchette Book Group Inc (It certainly is a “hatchet” job on truth!), is hyped to be...


Why Hillsong Music is Dangerous For Your Church

Houston, we have a problem! Brian Houston, that is. Arguably one of the most influential figures of today’s professing church, Houston, is currently the senior pastor of the worldwide multi-site megachurch known as Hillsong. The...

Hillsong: Polemics Aint Easy, But It’s Necessary

Hillsong: Polemics Aint Easy, But It’s Necessary

JD put some thoughts together on Hillsong and Discernment, in this video. Please help maintain this site by donating here.


Hillsong Sodomites Now Accommodated in Los Angeles

A couple months ago, a kerfuffle between Hillsong NYC’s Carl Lentz and various blogs outing the church’s mishandling of two celebrity sodomites, known as the “Broadway Boyfriends,” who are members of his church, including...