God Determines How We Do Church

Today’s modern American Evangelical church is often an example of how we should NOT be “doing” church. Church leaders, Pastors, and Elders have often transformed how the church is done to capitulate to society. Sacrificing what should be done for what is popular and crowd-pleasing.  Paul Washer addresses the topic of how Christians should be doing church in this short and direct under ten-minute presentation. Washer points out that God determines how we do church, not us. He also states that there are prescribed and distinct ways in which we should conduct our church services and worship. The American church and American evangelicalism have gotten off the path of following God; instead, they are seeking the God of this world and not our Holy, Righteous Maker.

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Richard Haas

Richard Haas

Founder/ Director CEO at Crossroads Radio Ministries
I am the founder of Empowered by Christ Ministries & Founder/ Director of Cross†Roads Radio Ministries. I was born & raised in Wisconsin & have lived in various parts of the country including Missouri & Kansas.I was raised WEL's Lutheran and have attended many different denominations including Southern Baptist, AOG, Calvary Bible, & Reformed Evangelical-Free Church.I am now attending a Reformed Baptist church in my local town.

More recently, in 2015 I founded Cross†Roads Radio along with my wife. Our goal is to bring a clear, concise, and Christ-centered focus to the body of Christ in Apologetics, Polemics, Family, Marriage and the Church.
Richard Haas

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