RefMT Update: Roundtable Discussion on Supreme Court Ruling

On account of the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage today, there will be a roundtable discussion on that topic and how the local church should respond to it. The discussion will take place this evening at 9PM, immediately following Todd Friel’s session. Participants will include Phil Johnson, Chris Rosebrough, JD Hall, and Mike Abendroth. We will post the audio┬áhere as soon as we can.

[Editor’s Note: The audio has now been uploaded. You can find it at SermonAudio or iTunes by clicking the links below]


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  1. June 29, 2015

    […] after a very long day of preaching on the topic of the Church – to hang in there for one more late-night roundtable discussion on how the church should react to the ruling. Even that discussion was devoid of emotion, unless […]

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