Max Lucado Begs God to Forgive him for his Ancestors owning Slaves

(Reformation Charlotte) After endorsing the pro-gay Jen Hatmaker earlier this year, Max Lucado’s new-found role of propping up heretics and false teachers


Colorado Neighborhood Confronts and Runs Off Antifa From Pro-Police Rally

A Fort Collins, Colorado neighborhood was having none of it when Antifa protesters came to disrupt a pro-police rally, and


Disgraced RINO John Kasich Voting for ‘Man of Faith’ Biden, Blasts Evangelicals for Voting Trump

Disgraced Republican-in-name-only John Kasich, the most Democratic of all Republicans, defended Joe “Baby-killer” Biden in an interview with CNN last


Nashville Council Member: ‘People Not Wearing a Mask Should be Charged with Attempted Murder’

Newly minted “Boss Karen” and Nashville Council Member Sharon Hurt said last week during a meeting of the Joint Public


‘Joel Osteen Inspiration Cube’ Launches. Not the Babylon Bee!

In a move that should make the theologically sound wail in anguish and gnash their teeth in misery, the travesty


California District Attorney Designates County a ‘Sanctuary County for Worship and Praise’

A California State Attorney, fed up with the unjust way the state has been treating churches by imposing restrictions on


Pastor John MacArthur Receives Standing Ovation for Welcoming Congregants to the ‘Grace Community Church Peaceful Protest’

Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church brought the house down when he opened up his service with an iconic


With Church Restricted and Casinos Open, Worshipers Pack Gambling Floor To Praise God

(Disrn)”Evangelicals for Trump,” a group campaigning for the president’s re-election, held a large worship event at a Las Vegas casino


A Gallery Of The Faithful Gathering For Church Amid Pandemic. Album Twenty

The twentieth album in an on-going series documenting faithful churches gathering for Sunday service in the midst of the coronavirus


Social Issues

Jemar Tisby ‘We need to Consistently Address Racial Justice for Months and Years’

Jemar Tisby, leader of the Witness Black Christian Collective, a group rife with pro-choice leaders and speakers which daily reminds

Hundreds of Sick Canadians Euthanized over ‘Loneliness’ and ‘Isolation’

(National Review) Good grief. We are told that euthanasia is “compassion.” But how compassionate is it when last year in

Idiocracy: People Want to Rename “Lynchburg, VA” Because It *Sounds* Racist

Of all the news of fanatical wokism that has crossed the newswires in recent months, from #BlackLivesMatter activists destroying statues

Wearing a Mask is Just Advertising You’re an Awful Person

America has been pillaged, plundered, ruined, and ravaged by an invisible enemy. And that enemy is not COVID-19. The invisible