A Gallery Of The Faithful Gathering For Church Amid Pandemic. Album Nineteen

The nineteenth album in an on-going series documenting faithful churches gathering for Sunday service in the midst of the coronavirus


Video: 10 Officers Swarm and Arrest Pro-Life Students for Chalking Public Sidewalk in Front of DC Planned Parenthood

Police Officers gathered en masse and arrested two pro-life students for peacefully writing “pre-born lives matter” with washable chalk on


NBA’s Jonathan Isaac On Why He Did Not Take Knee or Wear BLM Shirt. Preaches Gospel Instead

(CBS Sports) Social Justice has been one of the most important elements of the NBA’s return, as players were committed


Video: Black Lives Matter Activists Burn Bibles in Portland

As the protests and riots enter their 65th day in Portland, Oregon, Black Lives Matter activists continued their destruction and


CNN Roasted for Calling Women ‘Individuals with a Cervix’ – They Double Down

Proving that the once formerly serious news organization is truly beyond parody, CNN gave the public more ammunition in showing


Kanye West Releases Flurry of Emotional Tweets on Abortion, Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, music sensation Kanye West released several tweets on the horrors of the abortion – a topic that he has


Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz says ‘Churches Might be one of the Biggest Propagators of Racist Ideology’

In a candid interview with NFL linebacker-turned-ESPN pundit Emmanuel Acho on his YouTube series Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,


Greg Locke to Dunkin Donut Worker ‘I’m Going to Kick your Teeth Down your Throat’

We’ve written at length about the disgraced, self-appointed, adulterous, and unqualified Tennessee “pastor” Greg Locke. Locke is the founder of his


Southern Baptist Seminary Requiring Students to Sign Statement Pledging Allegiance to Govt

[Reformation Charlotte] In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, state and local governments around the country are exercising an enormous


Social Issues

Idiocracy: People Want to Rename “Lynchburg, VA” Because It *Sounds* Racist

Of all the news of fanatical wokism that has crossed the newswires in recent months, from #BlackLivesMatter activists destroying statues

Wearing a Mask is Just Advertising You’re an Awful Person

America has been pillaged, plundered, ruined, and ravaged by an invisible enemy. And that enemy is not COVID-19. The invisible

New ‘Babysitters Club’ TV Series Features 9-Year Old Transgender Boy

Netflix has rebooted “The Baby-Sitters Club” – A TV series and book series from the 90’s that follows the ups

I’m Not Anti-Racist and You Shouldn’t Be, Either

No, I’m not “anti-racist.” I’m not anti-racist because terms have meanings, and only racist people are anti-racist. If that sounds