SBC Pastor Insinuates That God Should Strike Dead Christians Who Don't Affirm Homosexuality

SBC Pastor Insinuates That God Should Strike Dead Christians Who Don’t Affirm Homosexuality

We recently reported on a prayer rally put on by FBC Orlando, pastored by David Uth, that included having homosexuals take the stage, and twist Scripture to promote their agenda and demand acceptance. This sparked an outcry among conservative evangelicals who believe this act was nothing more than an affirmation of a sinful lifestyle that included no Gospel, and no call to repentance.

During a Sunday morning sermon following the event, David Uth attempted to explain his motivation for the rally. (You can view the entire sermon here.) During his explanation, Uth insinuates that those who dissent from his total affirmation of homosexual sin, despite his desperate attempt to explain it away, should be struck dead by God.

What I fear most is not the shots I’ll take from the LGBTQ, or any other group…The ones I fear most are shots that come from brothers and sisters, who think that by loving we’re condoning–who think that we should have no association with any who are in sin. Let me tell you why those shots worry me. It’s not me. It doesn’t bother me, I don’t care what they think. They’re going to heaven. God go ahead and take them. That will help.

What Uth doesn’t understand is how the Gospel works. We are called to be bearers of light. And if we don’t bring that light, which is the Gospel, into conflict with sin, we are not bearing light (2 Cor. 4). The most unloving and hateful thing that we as Christians can do is call sinners into our churches, and withhold the truth of the Gospel to them…and that’s exactly what FBC Orlando has done.

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