Cruise with a Cause: Eddie Long, John Hagee, Ergun Caner, LeCrae, and Johnny Hunt Milk the Gospel Like a Cow of Bashaan

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Not content to make their livings simply preaching God’s word and providing spiritual guidance to the members of the congregations, many church pastors seek to further monetize their holy callings by participating Continue Reading →

Matt Tringali on Lukewarm Churches on Abortion

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Matt Tringali, an abolitionist in Raleigh, NC, gave a powerful and convicting message on the silence of churches regarding the abortion controversy. Thousands of children are being murdered every single day, and the professing church is largely complicit. Tringali, in reference to the Church of Laodicea in Revelation 3, says, Continue Reading →

Unbelievable! – Pastor Drops Daughter Off to Work at an Abortion Mill


Watch as a man who calls himself a pastor drops his daughter off to work at an abortion clinic, and then proceeds to make excuses for his actions. He claims that his daughter is grown, and he has no control over her actions, yet he participates in her evil deeds by bringing her there to work. Scriptures say to “take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, rather expose them,” (Eph 5:11). Yet, he is partaking in the plagues of his daughter and trying to rationalize his appalling behavior.
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