SBC Mega Church Pastor Goes Word-of-Faith

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SBC state conventions are teaching “Vision Casting,” Beth Moore is receiving direct divine revelation about hairbrushes, SBC seminary professors are giving credence to Heaven Tourism and Lifeway is selling Sarah Young’s divine revelation. Obviously, there’s lots of evidence that the SBC largely became tongueless charismatics a long time ago.

A few things are indicating the SBC is going well beyond tongueless charismania and beginning to embrace (if not promote) the Word of Faith. First was Ed Stetzer (Director of Lifeway Research) tweeting a pic of Hillsong’s Word-of-Faith Pastrix, Christine Caine.10347542_10204243242780159_791120990500868926_n

Have no fear! Christine Caine has also preached (yes, preached) for other Southern Baptists, including Steven Furtick and Beth Moore. And then comes this unbelievable tweet from Steve Gaines (above). The content is truly amazing. Not only are we placing “spiritual curses” by using “curse words” but “words are verbal seeds that reap a harvest.” Folks, this is, plain and simply, Word-of-Faith.

That more people wouldn’t be alarmed truly is an indication of the breakneck speed of this Downgrade. One commenter in social media did ask Gaines where in the Bible he finds these things (to no answer, of course).

When somebody calls you something, either good or bad, that seed is planted in the soil of your mind. However, you get to determine whether or not that seed takes root and grows. You’re giving it a right to become a reality. That’s why it’s so important to have a disciplined thought life. It’s great when people tell you, “You’re blessed. You’re talented. You’re going to do great things.” Water those seeds.That’s what you want to become a reality. – Joel Osteen

This is standard fair in Word of Faith. It’s absolutely foreign to the Word of God. Osteen, for example, says something about this nearly every day because it’s that central to Word-of-Faith heresy.

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For many, Gaines can’t possibly be spouting Word-of-Faith nonsense because he believes in inerrancy and is a political conservative. And yet, Gaines is the perfect example of what happens when we rant on about inerrancy and have no semblance of understanding of the Scripture’s sufficiency.

The Spirit Deeply Convicts Ronnie Floyd to Have SBC Repeat Itself


“Under deep conviction by the Holy Spirit…I must do something as a Christian, a pastor, and as the current President of the Southern Baptist Convention, this past Wednesday, I conducted a conference call with four of our SBC African American pastors and two Anglo pastors…The conversation we had on this conference call led to this article…”

Under a “deep conviction of the Holy Spirit,” Ronnie Floyd decided that he must do “something” regarding racial tension in the nation. Something is kind of vague for direct, divine revelation, but the Holy Spirit eventually led Floyd to issue a statement calling for the following imperatives:

  • “We rise up together and cry out against the racism that still exists in our nation and churches, and subsequent injustice.”
  • That “pastors, churches, leaders and laypeople of the Southern Baptist Convention…repent personally and collectively of all racism and injustice.”
  • We “need to repent of our racism and injustice and return to the first commandment of loving our Lord, Jesus Christ.
  • We restate what was already said in the BF&M(2000); racism is sin and we should oppose it.

These imperatives were supported in Floyd’s letter by the following indicatives (parphrased).

  • Our African American brothers and sisters have deep pain and hurt, and the Bible would have us feel their pain and sympathize with them.
  • There is only one human race and different ethnicities comprise one universal body of believers.
  • Just as Jews and Gentiles were to be reconciled in the Gospel, so too are we to strive for reconciliation with members of all ethnic groups.
  • If we love Jesus, we will love people; all people.
  • When grace is experienced personally and collectively, love is demonstrated loudly and consistently.
  • We are a “Jesus Convention” and not a convention consisting of one particular kind of ethnicity.

The Baptist Press’ article prefaced Floyd’s statement with stories from pastors of different ethnic backgrounds in support of the statement that would follow. In those quotations from various Southern Baptist pastors come some bold, if questionable, claims…

  • Without racial reconciliation, the U.S. will not experience the revival for which Southern Baptists have long prayed.” – Pastor Terry Turner, Mesquite Friendship Baptist Church of Mesquite, Texas.
  • “We’ve come to a point where, if we’re going to have revival in our country, then our convention will have to address the issue of racism that has been prevalent in our country since the 1600s and has kept us as a people divide. Until we can come together as a unified people of God … [and] deal with that issue, true revival can’t come, because it won’t provide the oneness that God requires of His people.” – Turner
  • Until our convention comes together…revival won’t come, because oneness won’t be there in the body of Christ.” – Turner
  • “I’m praying that God will pour out His Spirit… with genuine fruits of repentance, from the sins of racism and injustice, that have been a systemic satanic stronghold in our Nation so that we will see loving unity in the body of Christ, which will usher in an unprecedented revival, spiritual awakening and healing in our land.” – K Marshall Williams, Nazarene Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA.

It was no surprise that the Holy Spirit would deeply convict Ronnie Floyd to address racial reconciliation. After all, deep conviction of the Holy Spirit is how mega-leaders have any good idea. It’s not Russell Moore’s infatuation with the topic or that he’s becoming the darling of the press for focusing on the issue and taking the socially-progressive position. It’s not that most Southern Baptist leaders – including Richard Land, ironically enough – have already jumped on the bandwagon and the anointed leader has been thus-far left behind in the dust. It wasn’t sticking his wet finger into the wind to determine which way the wind was blowing.  No. It was the Holy Spirit who deeply convicted him. Read More


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