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PNP News, originally Pulpit & Pen, is located in Sidney, Montana, and is a media outreach of the Fellowship Baptist Church.

FBC Sidney is a congregation-governed and elder-led church, founded in 1980, and holds to the 1689 London Baptist Confession. You can find their website here. The church is active in their community, operates a food pantry for the needy, and has won an award from the Montana Governor’s Office for their help to the unfortunate and underprivileged. FBC is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, a member of its local Chamber of Commerce, and supports and serves its community while honoring the laws of the land and striving to live peaceably with all men. The church is in communion with a number of like-minded churches in their surrounding region.

PNP’s general direction and purpose is overseen by that local congregation’s leadership, while its day-to-day operations and media publishing is managed by the Gideon Knox Group, a consortium of individuals from various fields (religious, business, marketing, design, and legal) who work together to help Christian conservatives and grassroots activists articulate their message. Through their help, small churches are able still to have a huge impact and a global witness.

You may write to PNP News at 2181 W Holly St., Sidney MT 59270. Please put “ATTN: Ps. Hall, Re: PNP

All PNP News volunteers are a member in good standing of a local, New Testament Church and under the authority of elders and, ultimately, their congregation with Christ as its head. Should you take issue with what has been written, please contact the contributor or talkback@pulpitandpen.org.


Thanks to ongoing efforts to stiffle conservative news outlets, PNP News has been blockaded in Google SEO, blacklisted on Facebook, shadowbanned on Twitter, and throttled by technocrats in the build up of the 2020 election. 

One day, in February of 2020, these tech giants shut off access to PNP News from anywhere it was once readily available, especially on Facebook where our articles have been shared millions of times. 

Over night, our readership went from more than a million views per month to a mere fraction, all due to the bans perpetrated upon us by fascists intent on limiting Americans’ access to conservative news. 

With this ban in place, ad revenue – which once supported us amply – came to a stand-still. It is no longer financially feasible to pay our staff to produce regular and new exclusive content on this site. 

We have, instead, turned our staff to the task of building numerous new platforms overseen by the Gideon Knox Group. One of these new platforms will focus on Christian news in particular, Protestia. With Protestia, we aim to move forward without the blacklist and throttles currently strangling PNP News. We plan to do little differenlty than before. When and if the censors catch up to us and we’re again on their radar, we’ll start the whole process over again (JD calls this ‘guerrilla journalism’ and ‘censorship whack-a-mole’). 

We are insugents of information, and are intent on getting the truth out no matter what. And for now, if you want new content, head over to Protestia

Meanwhile, we have ten-plus years of worldclass polemics resources and chronicles of the Modern Day Downgrade, and this site will be maintained by the Gideon Knox Group as a testimony to theological discernment and as a resource to help many thousands by the content that will remain here forever. 

Our volunteers will also be updating PNP News with polemics content from other discernment ministries as a news aggregator. It may not be exclusive content, but we hope to hold a megaphone for those continuing to fight the fight against heretics and scoundrels. You should still check out what’s new in the world of discernment, because this site will be updated daily with all the links you need to stay up-to-date with the latest struggles, scandals, and scalawags. 

Thankfully, the popular podcast, Polemics Report, is going nowhere as JD Hall continues to unleash fury upon ‘the devil’s foxes’ twice a week and is available on Patreon, linked here at PNP News, or heard at the Bible Thumping Wingnut, Spotify, iTunes, Podbean, or your favorite podcatcher. 

You can support and follow Polemics Report for all the latest episodes HERE.


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