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Activists Demand Replacement of National Anthem with Marxist Song or Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

Woke Religionists are not only toppling statues to the founders and heroes of Western Civilization but are now placing a

CHAZ Shooting “Victim” Wants to Sue Cops for Not Being There to Help

Imagine rogue anarchists forcefully take over six blocks of a major U.S. city to ostensibly protest the police and immediately

Viral Video: Black Officer Preaches Gospel to White #BLM Protestor

An obnoxious young white woman was protesting the police, accusing a white officer of being a racist. The white officer

Joy Behar Admits to Driving Around to Find People Without Masks

Joy Behar admitted in a video (1.42 mark) that she drives around the city looking for people without wearing masks…for

Brett Favre Says Kaepernick is a “Hero Like Pat Tillman”

Pat Tillman, in case you didn’t know, was a star in the National Football League who died a war hero

YouTube Says Video Exposing Soros Funding Race Riots is “Offensive Content”

[Lifesite News] YouTube has placed a LifeSiteNews video on George Soros’ support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in Restricted

Sesame Street Goes Gay for LGBTQ Pride Month

[Christian News Network] The long-running children’s show “Sesame Street” has taken to social media twice in June to recognize “lesbian,

Satanists Demand Toppled Monuments Be Replaced with Lucifer

As PNP news has repeatedly warned the public, the mass movement to topple the monuments of America’s founders and brave

Ed Stetzer, Who Attends Race Riots, Says Calvinism Makes People Angry

Ed Stetzer has been railing against Calvinists as “angry” for quite a while. There was a time, back when Mark

BLM Protestors Topple Statue of George Washington

Black Lives Matter doesn’t want racial equality. They want a complete overthrow of Western Civilization. Oddly enough, Western Civilization is