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WHO Says To Teach Toddlers About Sexually Pleasing Themselves

The World Health Organization of the United Nations, which so badly botched their handling of the coronavirus pandemic, recently had

Microbiologists Prove Lockdown Hurtful to Virus Immunity

[WorldNetDaily] Two California physicians with advanced degrees in microbiology contend that their testing of more than 5,200 patients along with

Meghan McCain Says Praying During Coronavirus Panic is ‘Dangerous’

For some reason, when anti-religionists hear Christians ask for prayer they get really, really angry. Whether it’s a pandemic, “gun

Pope Issues Earth Day Proclamation Claiming We’re Sinning Against Goddess Earth

Pope Francis, like most avowed Marxists, leverages environmental hysteria to browbeat capitalists for exploiting the Earth’s resources. And yet, capitalizing

Boise Man Sues Idaho, Demanding to Compete Against Girls

[Montana Daily Gazette] A male student at Boise State University is suing the state of Idaho for not letting him

NC Governor Blames Coronavirus Spread on Christians

In 64 AD, the Great Fire of Rome burned down much of the city, including the Circus Maximus. The fire

‘Abortion Is-Life Sustaining’ Says Dem Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Democratic Governor came under fire today when she claimed that Abortion is “life-sustaining.” During her appearance on David Axelrod’s

FL Sheriff Who Arrested Preacher Let Murderous Inmate Out to Make Room

Liberals have an odd sense of priorities. As with many bleeding-heart crusaders around the country, “amnesty” advocates in Florida lobbied

Church Services Can’t Resume Until We’re All Vaccinated, Says Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder who is currently worth approximately 102 billion dollars, is spending a fortune on eugenics and

No, the Bible Does NOT Endorse Society-Wide Quarantine

In the 2006 film Idiocracy, the leading protagonist, Joe Bauers (played by Luke Wilson) woke up in the year 2505