Homeland Security Warns of “Domestic Terrorists” Denying Election Results (Insurgency Update)

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Biden’s “climate czar” (John Kerry) still uses his private jet

PETA warns against using “animal slurs” (like calling someone a chicken)

Biden to force taxpayers to fund soldier’s “sex change” surgeries

Newsweek’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ “edits” 5-year-old article in order to smear Sen. Tom Cotton

Biden planning “war effort” on climate change

Black Lives Matter: Four black girls Livestream brutal murder of peer, then laugh about it and eat popsicles

OPINION: Your government is afraid of you

WI votes to overturn governor’s mask mandate

FB shares plummet after users decrease second quarter in a row

Conservative arrested for posting funny political memes on Twitter

Harvard Professor says outside joggers need to wear 2-3 masks

VIDEO: Black pipeline worker lights into Joe Biden for stealing his job

FB cancels Mike Rowe

Six attorneys general warn Biden not to overstep his bounds

Biden signs executive order banning the term “China Virus” (China virus China virus China virus China virus China virus China virus China virus)

SBC’s Russell Moore is a “useful idiot”

Former Trump official banned from Twitter even though he hasn’t tweeted in weeks

Healthy healthcare provider drops dead right after getting COVID vaccine

Democrats tell FBI to go after Parler (for what?)

LOL: NTY heralds Joe Biden as a man of devout faith

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Conservative MP calls for GPS tracking of humans to prevent COVID spread

Marxist group, “The Gospel Coalition,” expands to Albania, so Christians post warning to them in Albanian

Scotland is reporting parents who don’t affirm their kids fake gender to social services

FB hires Biden official as “director of civil rights”

John Kerry tells laid off pipeline workers they should “make better choices”

Hillsong pastrix, Christine Caine, joins Muslims and Joe Biden to call for religious unity

AR bill will prevent the governor from closing churches in an “emergency”

Satanic Temple sues Boston for right to open meetings in prayer to the devil

Disagreeing on “transgenderism” is now “incitement to violence” says FB

Opinion: Biden is president because he assaulted words

Uh oh: The guy pepper-sprayed by Portland mayor for not wearing a mask is a lawyer

House Republicans questioning why Biden has D.C. under military lockdown

Democrats are trying to make D.C. the 51st state

Weird: Biden removes Trump executive order protecting our power grid from the Chinese

Proud Boys leader was an FBI snitch

Documents show FBI lied to FISA court to spy on Trump

Biden press secretary may ban conservative outlets from briefings

Trans-Species: Man thinks he’s a space alien, cuts off his nose and mutilates his tongue

Homeland Security says those who question election results are domestic terrorists

COVID-19 lockdowns have caused biggest jump in poverty in 50 years

Gun control group says black and brown Americans don’t need guns because they’re irresponsible

Democrat official forget pledge of allegiance

Teachers Union says reopening schools is a “white supremacist” idea

WATCH: Chicago Teachers Union does an interpretive dance to protest schools opening

SAD: Joe Biden doesn’t have to coordination to put a pen in his pocket

Texas congressman tells Biden to “kiss my %^#” over mask mandate; Biden says he’s unAmerican.

WHO admits COVID testing producing many false positives

Dominion voting machine company is asking counties to not disclose information to election officials

If you’re prepping, you need to conceal it

Biden’s presidency has brought back the pirates

Forced masking is ruled unconstitutional in Belgium

Biden’ stenographer warns his mental state has declined 50%

New bill will make who has received COVID vaccine public info


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