Insurgency Update for January 12, 2020

As we have repeatedly chronicled, Big Tech is censoring any and almost all conservative voices (as you are aware). However, our work-around for the censorship is to send the BANNED and FORBIDDEN speech directly to your inbox.

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Meanwhile, if you’re really, really lazy…here are the links for today, January 12, 2020.

College president says Patriot rioters are in stark contrast to the “peaceful” George Floyd rioters

Trump campaign advisor refused DC studio because he’s “on a list” 

Pro-Choice judge blocks execution of woman who killed a pregnant woman and butchered her to remove baby

World leaders rebuke Big Tech for banning the U.S. president

Always Protecting Us: In last act (supposedly) of his presidency, Trump goes to look at border wall

Afraid his crowd would pale by comparison to Trump’s, Biden to hold “virtual” inauguration parade

Democrat Homeland Security chair wants to put Ted Cruz on no-fly terrorist watchlist

The biggest gun forum on the Internet was just banned from the Internet by Big Tech

Amazon, who banned Parler, now wants to run the Pentagon computer systems

Facebook bans patriotic retail outlet

Twitter bans 70k accounts who at some point linked Qanon material

Meghan McCain says U.S. patriots should be sent to Gitmo, held without a trial 

Antifa storms bookstore, gets them to ban (liberal) anti-antifa author…they still sell 40+ versions of Mein Kampf

Biden’s Civil Rights head says ‘melanin’ gives black/brown racial superiority over white people

Air Force demands airmen remove uniform patches that don’t include “inclusive language” 

Capitol police officers under investigation for being on the job while Republican

Ron Paul banned from Facebook 

ABC News exec says there should be “a cleansing” of Trump supporters nationwide

What Deep State? Unknown bureaucrat changes Trump bio on State Department website to say he’s already gone

Twitter will now ban ANYONE questioning legitimacy of election results

GOOD: Northern Idaho Internet provider shuts down access to Facebook and Twitter to protest their censorship

With record COVID numbers, Cuomo now opening up New York economy as Biden takes office

Hallmark company demands pro-Trump lawmakers give back donations

New York to repeal Giuliani’s law license for holding opinions they don’t like

Pelosi says that “Whiteness” is to blame for capitol riot

Facebook bans anyone mentioning ‘Stop the Steal’

Nursing home only has deaths AFTER they gave COVID vaccine, not before

Even the ACLU says censorship of Trump is omen of tyranny to come

Big Corporations want social media and political stances to be used to create a ‘social credit system’ like that used in China

Pro-Trump (peaceful) protestor added to no-fly terror watchlist 

Schoolteacher sprays disinfectant IN THE MOUTHS of students who don’t wear their masks properly

Biden forbids white men from seeking help to rebuild business after government shut-down

Biden promises to defeat the NRA

Commie Pope Francis attacks American patriots in Sunday sermon, but only encouraged race rioters in 2020


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