Liberty Pres. Jerry Falwell Jr. Posts Bizarre Exercise Video, “Likes” a LOT of Bikini-Clad Students

(The Roys Report) Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. posted a bizarre exercise video, showing himself doing pelvic thrusts on a bar holding two university coeds. Falwell also has a habit of “liking” pictures of bikini-clad students—the latest in a string of indiscretions involving the embattled administrator.

Liberty’s trustees recently placed Falwell on an indefinite leave of absence, after Falwell posted to Instagram, and then deleted, a picture of himself and a woman with their pants unzipped. That picture, however, appears to be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Falwell’s concerning social media behavior.

In 2018, Falwell posted the exercise video with the female students to Instagram. Falwell says in the post that some students had told him that “Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had a personal best of thrusting 460 pounds, so Falwell “couldn’t resist posting my personal best (10 reps of 520lbs).” Why Falwell put two women on the bar while he performs the maneuver is unknown.

The video is posted below, but at the time of publishing, was still available on Falwell’s Instagram account.

Falwell also has a habit of “liking” pictures of bikini-clad students on Instagram, according to numerous screenshots that were forwarded to me by a 2009 Liberty University graduate who wished to remain anonymous.

The graduate said she saw Falwell’s exercise video and some questionable photos on Falwell’s Instagram account several years ago and began searching through the thumbnail photos of the young women Falwell was following. To her surprise she said she discovered that Falwell was “liking” the women’s pictures “in bikinis, on the beach, and at the gym—a lot of pictures at the gym.”

One of the students whose bikini post Falwell “liked” is Kalli Locklear. In an Instagram direct message, Locklear said she was a cheerleader at Liberty for four years. When asked if she knew Falwell personally, Locklear said she did.

“He was always really supportive towards the cheer team & very outgoing,” she added.

The post Falwell “liked” of Locklear is from the fall of 2018—when Locklear was a senior at Liberty. The post has since been deleted, but a screenshot blurred for modesty’s sake is below.

Falwell also “liked” a picture of Locklear in a tight evening dress from the same time period.

Another woman whose bikini post Falwell has liked is Madeline Sandlin. Sandlin is listed as the assistant cheerleading coach at Liberty University. Sandlin also is a Liberty graduate and was a senior in 2018 when she posted the bikini photo that Falwell liked.

The “liked” post of Sandlin’s has since been deleted and Sandlin’s account is now private, but a blurred screenshot of the post is below.

I reached out to Sandlin for comment, but she did not respond.

Sandlin and Locklear also appear on Falwell’s shoulders in an Instagram post from November 2017. (It is not certain whether Sandlin and Locklear are the coeds in the video with Falwell.)

Yet, it’s not just pictures posted by students who have since graduated that Falwell has liked.

Just this past March, Falwell liked multiple bikini pictures posted by a current Liberty student who says…

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Editor’s Note. This article was written by Julie Roys and posted at The Roys Report. Title changed by Pulpit & Pen


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