We Aren’t Upset You ‘Speak Out’ on Racism, But Because You’re an Insufferable, Virtue-Signaling Bandwagon-Jacker

You’ve seen it quite a bit on social media in recent days. Lily-white albino-tinted privilege-mourners make incessant tweets or status updates that can be summarized by the gist, “racism is bad.” Within minutes those same virtue-crackers are claiming themselves to be oppressed because someone somewhere was annoyed at their sudden slacktivism. What is this phenomenon?

Take, for example, the case of Natalie Grant and her husband, Bernie Herms. The two look like Arian Barbie and Ken come-to-life and live hyper-privileged lives entertaining people in the name of Jesus. As the Christian Post reports, the couple claims to have lost “thousands of fans” after they “spoke up about racism.” The implication, clearly, is that they had thousands of racist fans who angrily disagree with racial harmony.

Grant hosted an “Instagram conversation” (where all serious, thoughtful discussions happen) with her black girlfriends, which as you know immediately demonstrates she’s not a racist. So long as you use black people as an accessory on the virtue-twerk fashion show, you’re good.

The evidence submitted by Grant of “racism” among her fans was someone who wrote, “You should just shut-up. Stick to what your [sic] best at, just keep writing and singing your songs.”

The comment echoes my open letter to (now disgraced) Christian comedian, John Crist, when he left his lane to defend Lauren Daigle after she conveniently forgot what the Bible says about homosexuality. That post was entitled Dance Monkey, Dance: An Open Letter to John Crist.

In that post, I wrote…

Dancing monkeys aren’t any more pivotal to God’s Kingdom than a court jester is to King Arthur’s Court. You’re entertainment. The value of that, in the scope of things, is much smaller than your Facebook shares and Twitter RTs.

Likely, Natalie Grant never had “thousands” of fans who are the slightest bit racist. Maybe they just don’t like their entertainment source and least-credentialed social commentator on the planet offering opinions she stole from The View.

If you happen to be one of those people in social media “standing up” against racism, it’s likely the people taking umbrage with it are merely annoyed at your shameless, virtue-signaling, goose-stepping, finger-wagging lectures. Maybe they don’t think “racism is bad” is a particularly astute opinion, no matter how factually accurate it is. Or maybe it’s because your Facebook friends tire from having every brainless troll puke out the same “racism is bad” perspective, just re-worded umpteen-hundred times a day. Maybe they are just getting tired of your sick, smug demeanor as you say what everyone else is saying and nobody really disagrees with and then have to watch you backslap yourself for being profound. Maybe it’s because you’re bandwagon-jacking a social movement as though you somehow invented it. Maybe they recognize that saying “racism is bad” in social media is not “brave” because almost every person on the planet already agrees with that.

But why are these social media hashtag-slacktivists complaining about losing fans or followers for stating the most agreed-upon opinion in the world? Why is Natalie Grant, for example, giving attention to someone who just wants her to go back to singing?

That’s got a simple answer: The social media color-guard of virtue-swirling are the whitest, most privileged people on the planet. Meanwhile, they are watching all of the attention and interest in the media be placed on riotously-behaved people who all identify with victimhood. While people with charmed lives like Natalie Grant don’t have much legitimate victimhood to parade, being unfollowed on social media is at least something.

The best way for Arian Barbie and Ken to be awarded the prize of oppression is to claim they have been oppressed by their own racist fans and friends who don’t like them “speaking out.” And the evidence of their racism – their own lynching tree – is an ‘unfollow’ or ‘unlike’ or occasional memo from a fan that the microphone on stage is getting cold.

Woe is me. Not everyone likes my ill-informed, sophomoric social commentary from my one-week of experience actually giving a care about what’s going on the world. Forsooth. Oppression is hard.

Your friends are not ‘racist’ for refusing to like your social media updates. Your fans are not ‘racist’ for not sharing your crying Instagram video. They just think you’re an obnoxious dolt.


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