EXPLAINED: The Scandal at Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

(Capstone Report) The scandal rocking Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) threatens Mohler’s legacy. It has exposed him as a political dissembler—a man willing to force desperate former employees turned out of work during the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic to sign a secret NDA muzzling them for life.


Or, as Dr. Robert Gagnon described such moves, Sub-Christian.

Dr. Russell Fuller posted something that helps outline and simplify the allegations against Mohler and SBTS:

“The liberal drift of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky has resulted in the seminary knowingly hiring, maintaining and supporting false teachers who have taught and published works supporting;

1. mythology in the Bible,
2. postmodernism denying the objective/stable meaning of a text and the provability/verifiability of the text (including a denial of a messianic paradigm),
3. social justice heresy designed to replace the gospel, and
4. critical race theory and intersectionality promoting secular values and corrupting the gospel, while refusing any accountability or justification for allowing anti-Christian instruction, beliefs and conduct contrary to the Seminary’s Abstract of Principles.”

These four points summarize the three video interviews of Dr. Fuller released by Jon Harris. Dr. Fuller alleges and provides evidence of his points that for standing against Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality that he was first reprimanded and then fired by Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

As a member of a Southern Baptist church, it is stunning that SBTS reprimanded Fuller for exercising his right as a member of an SBC church to write the head of an entity about issues involving that entity. This raises an important question: Does a church member surrender their right to petition our entity heads if they accept a job at one of our entities? If so, why do we allow entity employees an even greater political power of sitting as messengers at the SBC’s Annual Meeting?

Frankly, there is something wrong in allowing entity employees (and especially entity heads) to sit as Messengers and vote on trustees—the very people who will be assigned to supervise them.

Anyone drawing a salary, particularly a six-figure salary, at an SBC entity should not sit as a messenger. However, we allow that, but reprimand Dr. Fuller for writing a letter to Al Mohler.

That’s outrageous.

It highlights Mohler’s view of himself—as sitting above the rest of his employees and the SBC. He can’t be bothered by the little people.

This is all about Critical Race Theory at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

What got Dr. Russell Fuller into trouble with SBC Elites was the stand against Critical Race Theory.

Let’s not deceive ourselves—it is clear that if Fuller’s complaints centered only on disputes over interpretation of the Book of Job and the objectivity of hermeneutics he would have been tolerated and not reprimanded. What irritated Mohler was Fuller’s attack on Critical Race Theory at Southern.

“Russell, you are an idiot,” Mohler yelled at Fuller in front of about 30 professors because Fuller attacked Provost Matthew Hall’s use of CRT.

Mohler’s dissembling & Critical Race Theory

Al Mohler said that Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality are Identity Politics and as such are “antithetical to the Gospel.” Yet, it is clear that Hall promotes and holds CRT views.

There is video evidence. See it here:

However, there is also Al Mohler’s witness against Hall.

Mohler removed a video posted by SBTS and scrubbed some of Hall’s writings. Mohler admitted this to The Federalist.

However, Hall never repudiated these words—only wrote an essay that did not address the key claims against him.

The key point here: Mohler knew Hall was promoting CRT and was not concerned about the actual teachings but only the impression of the public.

This is political dissembling of the highest order. It is why I compare Mohler to the vivid historical personage Winston S. Churchill described as Mr. Speaker Harley. Someone willing to do anything to gain and hold power. If you are unfamiliar with Harley, he is a vivid character throughout Churchill’s four-volume Life of Marlborough biography. (Churchill’s Life of Marlborough is one of the greatest works of history ever written.)

But, back to Mohler. Mohler’s actions….

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