Spreading Coronavirus Classified As “Domestic Terrorism” But Democrats Want to Decriminalize Spreading AIDS

As societal snowflakes are swooning on their fainting couches over a contrived Chicken Little scenario with a .5% fatality rate, they are calling for charges of domestic terrorism be applied to those who pass along with coronavirus. Calls for arresting believers meeting for worship are being made by pagans and cajones-less Christians alike. Morons licking toilet seats are being charged with criminal conspiracy. It seems like eons ago that Democratic presidential candidates were calling for the decriminalization of intentionally giving people AIDS and HIV.

Yes, that really happened. And yes, that was only a couple months ago.

Being asked by Anderson Cooper, a CNN pundit who also happens to be gay, asked Buttigieg about laws that penalize those who transmit HIV when they knowingly have the virus but choose not to disclose it. In doing so, Anderson said the laws were “antiquated.”

Buttigieg agreed and said, “It’s not fair and it needs to change.”

Elizabeth Warren also agreed with Buttigieg, who advised easing up on transmitting HIV. Corey Booker, a long-shot odds candidate claimed that there was “no scientific evidence” that an HIV-positive individual intentionally having unprotected sex without disclosing it has anything to do with the spread of HIV.

What’s the difference between giving HIV and giving coronavirus. Well, HIV is deadly and coronavirus, largely, is not. Secondly, HIV affects disproportionate numbers of homosexuals, which apparently are a protected class in America.

When the dust of coronavirus settles, this double-standard should be carefully examined.


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