Church Defies Gathering Ban, Police Show Up

A controversial church in Louisiana was greeted by police at the end of their service when they defied a state ban that limits public gatherings to 50 people.

After the completion of their Tuesday night service, Rev. Tony Spell was called outside to meet a police officer who arrived on the scene. After a brief conversation and handshake, the two spoke for a bit, and Rev. Tony gave the officer an anointed handkerchief, which he believed had healing powers. Then the officer left.

video source from their website

When questioned about the events that transpired, Rev. Spell recounted,

“He (the police officer) basically said the National Guard was going to come and break our group up of more than 50 people. He’s not going to do anything. He respects what we’re doing. He stands behind what we’re doing. I told him we respect him coming out and we’re not in opposition to him, and I said if the National Guard comes they’re going to find us doing more of what we’re doing tonight. We’re going to continue to assemble under our rights under the constitution, as a church, as as a local body of Christ. This community depends on us and we’re going to continue to do that.”

When asked, “What could the National Guard do in this situation?” Rev. Spell responded,

“He said they would break up groups of 50 or more. That when they find out we’re doing this, that they’re going to be deployed to dissemble us, is what he told me.”

Rev. Spell was asked, “Will they put you in jail?” He answered,

“He didn’t say that. But we’re willing… we’re taking persecution from friends, family…threat of lawsuits… threat of jail. Nothing is going to deter us from our religious conviction of worshipping and assembling and gathering. This is what we do and who we are, and we invite everybody else who wants to worship with us, regardless of your denomination or religious affiliation we’re going to keep the lights on… we’re going to run our 26 busses Sunday morning. We’re going to pick up 600 or so children for church. We’re going to feed them, we’re going to clothe them, we’re going to do what the church was commissioned to do in this hour of peril.”

We at Pulpit and Pen would never advise anyone to worship with this group on any day of the week, much less during a pandemic. In fact- any true believer would run screaming like a banshee from this hellacious cauldron of blasphemy.

Services of the self-declared “Apostolics of Baton Rouge” are riddled with the worst excess of pentecostal concoctions. Imagine 30 middle-aged women dancing at the front during worship while waving hands and flags to the irksome beats of Hillsong, and you get the picture.

If that by itself wasn’t enough to shudder the spine of even the reformed-est of men, their statement of faith paints an even clearer picture of theological decrepitude: that of Oneness Pentecostals, who believe water baptism using a certain formula and baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of tongues to be the conditions for salvation. Oh, and did we mention they are sinless perfectionists who believe they’ve cured Cancer and HIV during their healing services?

When contacted for comment about this story, Louisiana National Guard Colonel Ed Bush said Wednesday that the consequences as allegedly recounted by the officer are not accurate.

“The National Guard has not been tasked with enforcing any of the curfew, social distancing, or meeting requirements as set by the governor.…Our focus right now is completely with helping state agencies with preparedness and medical readiness.”


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