Vacationers Not Deterred From Visiting Disney Parks Amid Pandemic Crisis

A travel agency that helps plans trips to Walt Disney parks said business has been operating at normal levels, if not higher, amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Greg Antonelle, the chief executive of Mickey Travels, a travel agency in New Jersey that specializes in Disney trips, said his company had its best months on record in January and February, The New York Times reported Thursday.

“I have been in the Orlando parks every day for the past week and a half, and they are as crowded as ever,” said Antonelle, whose firm books 10,000 Disney trips annually. “From the business-side, what we’ve seen is business as usual. We’re not getting cancellations because of coronavirus, and from being in the park, you wouldn’t know that anything is different.”

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Universities, churches, major events, and travel are being temporarily closed in concern for the health of Americans.  

But be it far beyond Disney’s moral responsibilities to shut down their multi-million dollar business so Mickey and Minnie can hug thousands of people.

God help America.

Update #1:

Disneyland in California has shut down operation March 14 through the end of the month.

Update #2 – 7:30 pm CST:

Disney World is closing.

There is still hope.

[ Editor’s Note:  Article by KAELAN DEESE, first published by The Hill.  Title change and commentary by Pulpit and Pen.]

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