CA to Ban Separation of Boys and Girls Sections in Stores And Fine $1K If They Do

A new bill in the California state assembly would ban stores from separating their toys, clothing and childcare items into boys’ and girls’ sections and would fine them $1,000 if they did so.

The bill, AB2826, sponsored by Democratic Assembly member Evan Low (Silicon Valley), says each “retail department store shall maintain one, undivided area of its sales floor where, if it sells toys, all toys, regardless of whether a particular item has traditionally been marketed for either girls or for boys, shall be displayed.”

A press release from Low’s office said children should not feel “stigmatized for wearing a dinosaur shirt or playing with a Barbie doll.” Separating toys and clothes by gender “makes it more difficult for the consumer to compare products,” the release added. It also “incorrectly implies that their use by one gender is inappropriate,” the press release said.

“California is killing freedom, innovation, and common sense with its endless bans, fines, and mandates,” Dacus said. “Compassion for our LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors does not require us to embrace absurdities on gender. No child should be bullied or stigmatized, and neither should the State bully retailers into making it harder for moms and dads to find boys and girls clothing and toys. It’s time for voters to demand more accountability of their elected officials.”

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My thoughts:

First restrooms, now assimilation of children’s clothes and toys so LGBTQ+ can feel comfortable in their make-believe, self-imposed “gender”.

My grandparents immigrated to California in the 1930s.  My mother was born and spent 20+ years in California. And I was raised 8 years in this state.  Never before have I been more thankful that I am a Republican that has spent the majority of my life in Texas.

Note to Bible honoring, God fearing Republicans Christians in California:  Run!

[Editor’s Note:  The original article was written by Michael Foust and first published at  Title changed by Pulpit & Pen.]

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