New York AG Demands Jim Bakker Stop Claiming Coronavirus Cure

The office of New York Attorney General Letitia James sent a letter to Jim Bakker this week, warning the longtime televangelist not to mislead viewers about products that could eliminate coronavirus.

James’s office said in the Tuesday cease-and-desist notification that on Bakker’s February 12 show, a guest discussed a dietary supplement called Silver Solution, which is now sold on the “The Jim Bakker Show’s” website. The guest, Sherrill Sellman, said that the product had not been tested specifically on the coronavirus that has infected tens of thousands worldwide, but it had eliminated other strains of the coronavirus in a span of 12 hours.

Silver Solution costs $200 for a dozen 16-ounce bottles on Bakker’s show’s website. James said in the letter that there is no medicine available to prevent or cure coronavirus.

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In June of 2019, Pulpit and Pen reported Bakker selling his Silver Sol elixir to cure Venereal disease, HIV, SARS, and now COVID-19.

Then, P & P did a further article

whereby Quakker, I mean Bakker, claimed the VD elixir was given to him by God.

Bakker claims to use this elixir  “all the time” and doesn’t think he would have made it without the Silver Sol gels (the product also comes in lozenges and a liquid). 

Despite the ban on such claims, salesmen still occasionally (and illegally) make such claims; Jim Bakker, a disgraced televangelist, was noted in 2018 for selling a colloidal silver gel that he claimed cured all venereal diseases. Wikipedia, Patent Medicine

People, the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.  Only He knows the extent of our time here on earth, and if we leave here by way of COVID-19, then that may be a blessing, the way our world is crumbling day by day.

[Editor’s Note:  This article written by BY MARINA PITOFSKY, published originally at The Hill.  Title changed and Commentary added by Pulpit and Pen]

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