Black Churchgoers Turn Their Back on Michael Bloomberg During Church Service

Washington  (CNN) – A group of churchgoers Sunday turned their backs to former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he addressed the historic Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma, Alabama.

A group of at least nine people took part in the protest as Bloomberg spoke during a 55th commemoration of “Bloody Sunday” — a historic civil rights march in 1965 where 17 people were injured by police as they attempted to cross Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma during their march to Montgomery, Alabama, to demand the right to vote for black people.

Bloomberg was the first Democratic presidential candidate to address the congregation Sunday. As he spoke about his Greenwood Initiative — which he launched in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in January and to address systemic bias that has kept many black Americans from gaining wealth — several people sitting in the church pews stood up and turned their backs to him.

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[Editors note: From CNN, by Sarah Mucha, Chandelis Duster and Caroline Kenny, CNN]

Bloomberg’s overwhelming desire to “beat Trump” may cost him the votes of the minority population that he has negatively impacted.  

When voting this election year, pray steadfastly for God to lead you to the correct candidate.

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