SBC Puts Refugee Resettlement Activist In Charge of Denomination’s Relief Organization

The Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board president, Kevin Ezell, recently announced that Bryant White would be the new head of their SEND Relief agency. White (66), a former president of the SBC, resigned from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in 2018.

White is also an outspoken Never-Trumper and has dedicated his time to advocating for refugee resettlement in conservative, rural communities.

Refugee resettlement may seem like an easy way for ‘woke’ evangelicals to signal their virtue, but it has many national security experts on edge. Aside from the obvious national security concerns of placing thousands of Islamic settlers in America’s heartland, when combined with the fact that most of these settlements are being placed in conservative rural communities, it’s widely suggested it is an attempt to tilt political power to the left by a “demographics dump.” In fact, progressives are openly touting refugee resettlement as a way to change rural demographics.

White has been championing refugee resettlement since at least 2015. He has since focused heavily on promoting the troublesome resettlement programs, but has had the support of the Southern Baptist Convention, whose messengers in 2016 affirmed a resolution supporting resettlement in the name of Jesus (that resolution was largely seen as a rebuke to Donald Trump on account of his terror-supporting-nations immigration ban).

Unsurprisingly, White has voiced consistent opposition to POTUS at nearly every turn. He contributed to an interview for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in 2016, expressing his views on why a Christian shouldn’t vote for then-candidate Donald Trump. White will fit in just fine among most SBC entity leadership who almost all subscribe to Never-Trump ideology.

The announcement of a partnership between SBC entities to create Send Relief was on February 18 and can be read about here.

SEND Relief will serve as a charity in partnership with both the SBC’s North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board, as announced by the SBC Executive Committee, “The International Mission Board (IMB) and the North American Mission Board (NAMB) will work together to combine compassion ministry efforts in North America and abroad under the umbrella of Send Relief.”

Then, Bryant White announced that he would be the new head of the organization on February 28.

The SEND website says, “Bryant Wright…shared news Friday, Feb. 28, that he will be president of Send Relief. Wright shared the news at Move Week, an annual global missions conference at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church where Wright pastored for 38 years before retiring in Dec. 2019.”

The website seems geared toward promoting Refugee resettlement.

The website includes a guide on how to help refugee resettlement efforts. It says

“Too often, refugees are being targeted by hateful rhetoric and cruel policies. They need your voice to help standing up for them and basic principles of refugee resettlement. Refugees have helped make North America great and are driven to contribute to the best in our society.”

Southern Baptists seem unconcerned with implications for national security. Furthermore, Southern Baptists seem unconcerned with missionary efforts in the foreign mission field, and instead it seems they are content with using the federal government to bring the mission field to America, an odd way to obey Jesus’ commands to go (Matthew 28:19) and not to bring.


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